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Annual Reports of the Minnesota State Law Library:
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Pre-1999 Annual Reports are available in print.

Chronological List of Justices and Judges of the Minnesota Appellate Courts, with links to biographical information.

Collection Development Plan

Directory of Minnesota County Law Libraries

Issues in Minnesota Appellate Court Briefs, Searchable pages that contain the issues statements from briefs in the Library's collection.
Microfiche of Minnesota Appellate Court Briefs

Law Library Service to Prisoners Annual Reports (PDF)
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Pre-2001 Annual Reports are available in print.
Selected Bibliography

Loquitur, the Newsletter of the Minnesota State Law Library (PDF)
v.16#1    v.16#2    v.17#1    v.17#2    v.18#1    v.18#2    v.19
Earlier volumes are available in print.

Minnesota Legal Periodical Index (MLPI) [Information]
Publications Indexed (Includes links to journal web sites)

Minnesota Justices Series

Bibliographies and Pathfinders, Over 200 Online:

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