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Resources for Court Interpreters

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Statutes and Court Rules
Books, Articles, etc.
Web Resources
Interpreters for the Deaf

Statutes and Rules

Minnesota Statutes, index topic: Interpreters.

Minnesota Rules (agency regulations), index topic Interpreters.

General Rules of Practice, title I, Rule 8.

Books, Articles, etc.

Araiza, F. “Se Habla Everything: the Right to an Impartial, Qualified Interpreter,” 70 Wisconsin Lawyer 14 (September 1997).

Berk-Seligson, Susan. The Bilingual Courtroom: Court Interpreters in the Judicial Process. (University of Chicago Press, 2002). KF8725 .B47 2002.

Buenker, Josef F. Interpreter's Guide to the Vehicular Accident Lawsuit. (Multilingual Matters, 2005). KF1290 .A8 B84 2005.

Consecutive Interpreting Theory and Consecutive Note Taking. (Video recording) (ACEBO, 2006). AV Col KF8770.C66d 2006.

Cao, Deborah. Translating Law. (Multilingual Matters, 2007). K213 .C365 2007.

Español for Law Enforcement: an Interactive Training Tool. (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice, 2003). Gov Docs J 28.31: T 68.

Gonzalez, Roseann Dueñas. Fundamentals of Court Interpretation: Theory, Policy, and Practice, 2nd ed. (Carolina Academic Press, 2012) KF8806 .G66 2012.

Grabau, C.M., et al., “ Protecting the Rights of Linguistic Minorities: Challenges to Court Interpretation,” 30 New England Law Review 227 (1996).

Hale, Sandra Beatriz. The Discourse of Court Interpreting: Discourse Practices of the Law, the Witness and the Interpreter. (J. Benjamins Pub. Co., 2004). KU3488 .H35 2004.

Hewitt, William E. Managing Language Problems. (National Center for State Courts, 1997). KF8807 .H496 1997.

Mikkelson, Holly. The Code of Ethics Governing Court Interpreters. (Video recording) (ACEBO, 2006). AV Col KF8770 .M55d 2006.

Mikkelson, Holly. Criminal Procedure for Court Interpreters. (Video recording) (ACEBO, 2006). AV Col KF8770 .M5554 2006.

Mikkelson, Holly. The Interpreter's Edge: Practical Exercises in Court Interpreting, generic ed. (ACEBO, 1993). AV Col KF8770 .M57. [book plus audio cassettes]
Languages in this series: Arabic, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese.

Minnesota. Supreme Court. Court Interpreter Advisory Committee. Best Practices Manual on Interpreters in the Minnesota State Court System. KFM5926.T72 M5 1999.

Moore, Joanne. Interpreters: Their Impact on Legal Proceedings. (Video recording) AV Col KF8770 .M66.

Nolan, James. Interpretation: Technique and Exercises. (Multilingual Matters, 2005). P306 .N586 2005.

Phelan, Mary. The Interpreter's Resource. (Multilingual Matters, 2001). P306.2 .P486 2001.

Pochhacker, Franz. Introducing Interpreting Studies. (Routledge, 2004). P306.5 .P63 2004.

Poorman, Mark E. Sources of United States of America Legal Information in Languages Other than English. (LLRX).

Strutin, Ken. Interpretation and Translation Resources for the Criminal Justice System. (LLRX).

Using Court Interpreters. (Minnesota Supreme Court, Court Services Division, 2006). AV Col KF8770 .U84 2006.

TO FIND MORE: Suggested subject heading in the online catalog is: Court Interpreting and Translating. In the Index to Legal Periodicals and Books, try the subject headings: Court Interpreting and Translating; Translating and Interpreting. In the Minnesota Index to Legal Periodicals Subject Heading: Courts – Interpreters. Or after a successful keyword search in either resource, look for useful subject headings under the items you retrieved and link to them.

Web Resources

American Bar Association Standards for Language Access in Courts (Feb. 2012)

American Translators Association

California Court Interpreters Association

Court Interpreter Program, Minnesota Judicial Branch

State Interpreter Certification, fom the National Center for State Courts.

Federal Court Interpreter Certification Program.

For Interpreters, Wisconsin State Court System


Linguee: Dictionary and Translation Search Engine.

National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators

  • Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities
  • Proteus (newsletter)
  • The Translator's Home Companion

    Interpreters for the Deaf

    Cartwright, Brenda E. Fingerspelling in American Sign Language, 2d ed.. (RID Press, 2007) HV2477 .C37 2007.

    Consecutive Interpreting Theory & Consecutive Note Taking. (ACEBO, 2006). AV Col KF8770 .C66d 2006.

    Interpreting in the American legal system. (Video recording) (Sign Media, 1995) AV Col KF8770 .I57 1995. 6 videocassettes plus workbook: No.1 Jury instructions; No.2 Auto accident; No. 3 DUI arrest; No. 4 Plea bargain session; No. 5 Plea bargain litany; No. 6 Expert testimony.

    Mathers, Carla M. Sign Language Interpreters in Court: Understanding Best Practices. (AuthorHouse, 2006). KF8725 .M38 2006.

    Mendoza, Elizabeth. ABC 1-2-3: Fingerspelling and Numbers in ASL. (RID Press, 2006) Teacher's Guide HV2477 .M46 2006, Student Workbook HV2477 .M462 2006.

    Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

    Russell, Debra L. Interpreting in Legal Contexts: Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation. (Linstok Press, 2002). KF8770 .R87 2002.


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