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Legal Topics: Intellectual Property


Statutes, Rules and related sources: (Additional statutes, regulations & opinions may apply to your specific situation.)

  • United States Constitution, Article I, Section 8.
  • Title 17, United States Code
  • Minnesota Statutes index topic, Copyright
  • Resources:

  • Copyright, resources from the United States Copyright Office.
  • Copyright, from Wex, the legal encyclopedia from the Legal Information Institute at Cornell.
  • Copyright Information and Resources, from the University of Minnesota Libraries.
  • Copyright Law and Public Domain, from Nolo.
  • Copyright questions and answers for information professionals: from the columns of Against the Grain - Gasaway, Laura N. - KF3030.1 .G375 2013
  • Fair Use, resources from the Center for Social Media.
  • Fishman, Stephen. The Copyright Handbook: What Every Writer Needs to Know (12th ed., Nolo 2014). KF2995 .F53 2014
  • MN Find a Lawyer: I have an idea I want to protect; what do I do?
  • Public Domain: How to find & use copyright free writings, music, art, & more, 7th ed. - Fishman, Stephen - NOLO - KF3022 .F575 2014
  • Patent, copyright & trademark - Richard Stim KF2980 .E44 2012
  • Search copyright information for works registered and documents recorded by the U.S. Copyright Office since January 1, 1978.
  • Understanding Copyright, 6th ed. - Ruandolph, Mary - KF2994 .L43 2014
  • What's Wrong with Copying? K 1447.15 .D73 2015 (Harvard U. Press, 2015).
  • Patents

  • Pressman, David. Patent It Yourself: Your Step-by-step Guide to Filing at the U.S. Patent Office, 16th ed. (Nolo, 2012). Self Help Collection KF3114.85 .P74 2012
  • Trademark

  • Elias, Stephen. Trademark: Legal Care for Your Business & Product Name, 9th ed. (Nolo, 2010). Self Help Collection KF3180.Z9 E43 2010
  • Other Intellectual Property related titles (currently on Non-Lawyers page):

    Doing Business in the Arts

  • DuBoff, Leonard and Burt P. Krages, II. Law (in plain English) for Writers, 4th ed. (Sphinx Pub., 2005). KF 390 .A96 D83 2005.
  • Fishman, Stephen. Legal Guide to Web & Software Development, 5th ed. (Nolo, 2007). Self Help Collection KF390.5 .C6 F567 2007.
  • Lander, Jack. All I need is Money: How to Finance Your Invention. (Nolo, 2005). HF5415. 153 .L36 2005.
  • Stim, Richard. The Craft Artist's Legal Guide. (Nolo, 2010). KF390.E57 2009.
  • Stim, Richard. Music Law: How to Run Your Band's Business, 6th ed. (Nolo Press, 2009). KF390.E57 2009.

  • DISCLAIMER:  As librarians and not lawyers, we can suggest resources but cannot give legal advice (such as which form to file), or legal opinions, (such as how a statute might apply to particular facts.)  To do so could be considered the unauthorized practice of law.  Even though we try to suggest materials that will be of help, further research is usually required to find a complete and correct answer.  For many questions, the best answer may be to consult an attorney.  For links to resources on finding an attorney click here.

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