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Civil Rights Law Treatises

Civil Actions Against State and Local Government, Its Divisions, Agencies, and Officers, 2nd ed. (Thomson West, 2002) KF1322 .C582 2002. Multi-volume, updated.

Collins, Michael G. Section 1983 Litigation in a Nutshell, 4th ed. (West, 2011) KF1325.C58 C65 2011. Student-level.

Lewis, Harold S. Civil Rights Law and Practice, 2nd ed. (Thomson/West, 2004) KF4749 .L49 2004. Single-volume.

Nahmod, Sheldon H. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation, 4th ed. (West Group, 1997) KF1325.C58 N34 1997. Multi-volume, updated.

Schwartz, Martin A. Section 1983 Litigation: Claims and Defenses, 4th ed. (Aspen Publishers, 2003) KF1325.C58 S36. Multi-volume, updated.

Smolla, Rodney A. Federal Civil Rights Acts, 3rd ed. (West/Thomson Reuters, 2011) KF4749 .A745. Multi-volume, updated.

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Minnesota State Law Library: Civil Rights Treatises

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