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Skills Center: Case Reports by Party Name

There are several ways to find cases from the appellate level courts involving a particular party. For published decisions, West's digests, such as West's Minnesota Digest, contain a Table of Cases listing both defendants and plaintiffs. Pay services such as Lexis and Westlaw have the ability to search by a party's name and include unpublished as well as published opinions. (Lexis and Westlaw are available for public use at no charge in the Law Library.) All Minnesota appellate court opinions from May 2, 1996 forward can be searched online. The Advanced search feature lets you search for words specifically in the title field where the parties names would be located.

The Clerk of Appellate Courts keeps the dockets for the Minnesota Court of Appeals and Supreme Court cases that have not yet been decided. Appellate case information may be viewed online using the P-MACS case management system.

Decisions of the trial courts in Minnesota are not published. To find cases in the trial (district) courts, try the public access to case records system, or contact the court administrator's office.

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Minnesota State Law Library: Skills Center: Case Reports by Party Name

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