Minnesota Supreme Court
May 15, 2007

  • 1. State v. Ralph Huertas A05-2359 Denied
  • 2. State v. Ivan Ray Vaughan A06-960 Denied
  • 3. State v. Steven Julio Hernandez A06-298 Denied
  • 4. State v. Howard Maxwell Hardy, Jr. A05-2417 Denied
  • 5. State v. Eva Marie Smart A07-93 Denied
  • 6. Leoniede M. Brennan v. William A. Braun A06-181 Denied
  • 7. Watab Township Citizen Alliance, et al. v. Benton County Board of Commissioners, et al. A06-378 and A06-1069 Denied
  • 8. In re the Welfare of: T.J.R., Child A06-380 Denied
  • 9. State v. William Larry Armstrong A04-2142 Denied
  • 10. In the Matter of the Welfare of: J.S.C., Jr., Child A07-579 and A07-580 - Denied
  • 11. John Wesley Hebert, et al. v. City of Fifty Lakes A06-215 Granted
  • 12. Kforce Flexible Solutions, LLC v. Department of Employment and Economic Development A06-601 Denied
  • 13. State v. Debra Albach A05-2464 Denied
  • 14. Brian Lindsay v. St. Olaf College, et al., Labconco Corporation, et al. A06-2137 Denied
  • 15. Jennifer Thorson v. Zollinger Dental, P.A., d/b/a Advance Family Dental A06-935 Denied
  • 16. Robert A. Kunshier v. Cal Ludeman, Commissioner of Human Services A06-1854 Denied
  • 17. In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of: Anthony Bruce Eberhardt A06-2044 - Denied
  • 18. In re Raymond L. Semler, Petitioner. Raymond L. Semler v. State A07-449 - Denied
  • 19. State v. Raymond Earl Sweeney A05-2428 Denied
  • 20. In the Matter of the Welfare of the Children of: R.A.T. and J.T., Parents A06-1642 Denied
  • 21. In the Matter of the Welfare of the Children of B.T., Parent A06-1051 - Granted/Summarily Affirmed (5-8-07)