Minnesota Supreme Court
March 28, 2007

  • 1. Chester Creek Technologies, Inc. v. George H. Kessler A06-505 Denied
  • 2. Antonio Darrail Burton v. State A06-276 Denied
  • 3. State v. Ronald Duane Saxon A05-2312 Denied
  • 4. State v. Lewis B. Dickson A05-2460 Denied
  • 5. State v. Linda Beth Atlas A05-674 Denied
  • 6. State v. Harvey Lee Eason A05-1741 Denied
  • 7. State v. Charles Edward Fraction A05-1756 Denied
  • 8. Joel C. Jack, et al. v. Richard Horman, et al., Corey Loger, et al. v. Rick Ruprecht, et al. A06-362 Denied
  • 9. Douglas Henry Dehn v. State A06-617 Denied
  • 10. State v. David U. Alfaro A04-1055 Denied
  • 11. Minch Family Limited Partnership through its general Partner, Minch and A. R. Minch, individually v. Buffalo-Red River Watershed District, et al. A06-850 and A06-1194 Denied
  • 12. State v. Jody L. Griffith A05-2326 Denied
  • 13. In the Matter of the Risk Level Determination of S.S. A06-36 Denied
  • 14. State v. Ozhaawaskoo Giishig A05-2199 Denied
  • 15. State v. Douglas E. Hughes A05-1288 Denied
  • 16. State v. Tavon Tarrell Timberlake A06-72 Granted
  • 17. Gregory Phillips v. State, et al. A06-627 Denied
  • 18. Jane Doe and John Doe, as parents and natural guardians of J.A.H., a minor v. I.S.D. No. 152, City of Moorhead, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, et al. A06-611 Denied
  • 19. Joseph D. Thornblad v. Kevin Goodno, Commissioner of Human Services A06-1620 Denied
  • 20. In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of: Daniel Harry Peria A06-1452 Denied
  • 21. In the Matter of the Welfare of the Children of: S.W., M.M., and J.A., Parents A06-1175 Denied
  • 22. Darcy Carol Snyder v. Commissioner of Public Safety A05-2499 - Vacated/Denied
  • 23. Robert Allen Dushek v. Commissioner of Public Safety A05-1932 - Vacated/Denied
  • 24. State v. Jessica Ann Wiltgen A06-152 Stay Vacated/Briefing Ordered