Minnesota Supreme Court
October 25, 2006

  • 1. State v. Joseph Cornelious Merritt A05-1087 Denied
  • 2. In the Matter of the Welfare of: M.A.R. A05-1687 Denied
  • 3. State v. Mark Steven Speltz A05-1147 Denied
  • 4. State v. DeAndre Jerome Barnes A05-1454 Denied
  • 5. State v. Roosevelt Hunter A05-2375 Denied
  • 6. State v. Henry Moore, Jr. A05-1278 Granted/Stayed
  • 7. State v. Angelo Mancini A05-1910 Granted/Stayed
  • 8. Derek Richard Gullickson v. State A05-2061 Denied
  • 9. State v. David Johnson A05-1028 Granted/Stayed
  • 10. State v. Alan T. Enger A05-2117 Granted/Stayed
  • 11. In the Matter of the Welfare of: R.D.W. A05-2250 Denied
  • 12. Amy Louise Cooper v. State A05-1928 and A05-1930 Denied
  • 13. Julie Ann Traut v. Steven M. Traut A05-1556 Denied
  • 14. Friends of Twin Lakes v. City of Roseville, Rottlund Homes, et al. A05-1770 Denied
  • 15. Illinois Farmers Insurance Company v. Robert Anderson, RoseMary Anderson as trustee for the next-of-kin of Dennis M. Anderson A05-2400 Denied
  • 16. State v. Durrell Calvin Caldwell A05-1289 Denied
  • 17. Craig Johanns, et al. v. Minnesota Mobile Storage, Inc. A05-1578 Denied
  • 18. Jeffrey Coury v. Dakota County Board of Commissioners A05-2180 Denied
  • 19. State ex rel. Speaker of House of Representatives Hon. Steve Sviggum, et al. v. Peggy Ingison in her official capacity as Commissioner of Finance, et al. A06-840 Denied