Minnesota Supreme Court
August 25, 2004

  • 1. State v. Jeremy A. Luckhardt C3-02-2026 Denied
  • 2. State v. John Starway A03-793 Denied
  • 3. State v. Todd Larry Tennin A03-1805 Denied
  • 4. American Family Insurance Group v. Mark Kiess A03-1764 Granted
  • 5. State v. George Canady A03-503 Denied
  • 6. State v. Mario Gonzalez A03-846 Denied
  • 7. State v. Antron Everett Cooper A03-1421 Denied
  • 8. Roger Joseph Foster v. State A03-991 Denied
  • 9. State v. Daniel Allen Warren A03-1155 Denied
  • 10. State v. Theron Caldwell A03-1203 Denied
  • 11. State v. Anthony Phillip Scacchetti A03-301 Granted/Remanded
  • 12. Jual C. Carlson v. City of Karlstad A03-1532 Denied
  • 13. State v. William Senske A03-1677 Granted/Remanded
  • 14. Kent Duxbury, et al. v. Spex Feeds, Inc., David Shanahan A03-1456 Denied
  • 15. Jamal Hussein, Abdul M. Ahmed, Abdifatah M. Abdi v. Cypress Semi-Conductor (Minnesota), Inc., Commissioner of Employment and Economic Development A03-988, A03-1326 and A03-1488 Denied
  • 16. George W. Hawkins v. Al DeRuyter, Douglas P. Seaton A03-1176 Denied
  • 17. State v. Robert Cyril Begordis A03-293 Denied
  • 18. Bill Quenroe, John Doe 43 v. The Order of St. Benedict of the Roman Catholic Church, a/k/a, St. John's Abbey, Father Dunstad Moorse, et al.  A03-1212 Denied
  • 19. State v. Patrick Thomas Slaughter A03-692 Denied
  • 20. In re Keith Everett Benson v. Vicki Ann Benson A03-1742 Denied
  • 21. State v. Brian Victor Myland A03-1646 Denied
  • 22. Jerry Klema, as attorney-in-fact for Dale Verbout and Sherry Verbout v. City of Roseau A03-1680 Denied
  • 23. In the Matter of the Welfare of A.H.J., Child A03-1085 Denied
  • 24. State v. Abigail Margaret Fleissner A04-143 Denied
  • 25. Kristi A. Hansen v. The Jonathan Association, Commissioner of Employment and Economic Development A04-1083 Denied