Minnesota Supreme Court
June 18, 2002

  • 1. Annette LaVoie Jensen v. Steven Michael Jensen C1-01-1611 Denied
  • 2. Deborah Nordmarken, et al. v. City of Richfield C6-01-1698 Denied
  • 3. State v. Jason Michael Lowry C9-01-1002 Denied
  • 4. Erin Gillian Martin v. State C0-01-1356 Denied
  • 5. State v. Ruben Perez Tlapa C6-01-1393 Denied
  • 6. The Home Insurance Company, et al. v. National Union Fire Insurance of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Travelers Insurance Company C1-01-1429 - Granted
  • 7. In re the Marriage of: William J. Ferguson v. Natalie J. Ferguson C9-01-1470 - Denied
  • 8. State v. Angela Yvonne Lee CX-01-831 Denied
  • 9. Terrance Tyree Arnold v. State C4-01-1327 Denied
  • 10. State v. Clifford Lindholm C7-01-1595 Denied
  • 11. State v. Andrew David Lee C2-01-1648 Denied
  • 12. Richard A. Hecht v. Interstate Power Company C1-01-1141 Denied
  • 13. Thomas and Kelly Reinke v. Harold Chevrolet Geo, Inc. C9-02-409 - Granted/Remanded
  • 14. State v. Robyn Keith Amos, Sr. C1-01-1172 Granted
  • 15. Howard J. Mondry, et al. v. City of South St. Paul C4-01-1845 Denied
  • 16. Maria Rodriguez Patino, et al. v. ANPAC, a/k/a American National Property and Casualty Companies, d/b/a American National Property and Casualty Company C3-01-1559 Denied
  • 17. In the Matter of the Welfare of: M.R.B. C4-01-1425 Denied
  • 18. State v. Ronald Rudolph Ernst C4-01-1361 Denied
  • 19. In the Matter of the Welfare of the Child of: E.L., Parent C6-01-938 Denied
  • 20. James Brothers Furniture, Inc. v. Robbinsdale Economic Development - C6-01-1359 Denied
  • 21. Elroy Stock v. Augsburg College, et al. C1-01-1673 Denied
  • 22. In the Matter of the Welfare of: B.G.H. C6-01-1376 Denied
  • 23. Royal Jorgensen, et al. v. Debra L. Knutson and Milbank Insurance Company - C8-01-1685 Granted
  • 24. State v. Tyrone James White and Vidale Lee White, a/k/a Marion Hardge C2-02-641 Dismissed (6-5-02)
  • 25. In the Matter of the Welfare of: J.R., Jr., and A.I.R. C2-02-378 Granted (6-7-02)