Minnesota Supreme Court
December 19, 2001

  • 1. Geralyn S. Engler v. Beverly J. Wehmas C9-01-528 Granted
  • 2. North Star Mutual Insurance Company v. Midwest Family Mutual Insurance Company, Secura Insurance Company C9-01-514 Denied
  • 3. State v. Larry Smith C7-00-1862 Denied
  • 4. Charles Whitney Slabaugh v. State CX-01-635 Denied
  • 5. In Re the Marriage of: Susan Jean Klang v. Gary Richard Klang C2-01-516 - Denied
  • 6. In Re the Marriage of: George Christy Nelson v. Kyra Ann Parker Nelson - C4-01-548 Denied
  • 7. State v. Earl Russell St. Claire C3-01-41 Denied
  • 8. Earl Lawrence Sanders v. State C0-01-725 Granted/Stayed
  • 9. State v. Christopher Michael Loving C1-01-1043 Denied
  • 10. State v. Kenneth Wayne Tikkanen C6-01-857 Denied
  • 11. State v. Rick Allen Rochefort C2-00-148 Denied
  • 12. West Circle Properties L.L.C. v. Daniel Hall, et al. C9-01-156 and C5-01-591 - Denied
  • 13. In the Matter of: Roger Lee Kindschy C1-01-751 Denied
  • 14. State v. Brian Lamont Burnside C2-01-189 Denied
  • 15. Blue Earth Agronomics, Inc., et al. v. SST Development Group, Inc. C6-01-1619 - Denied
  • 16. Cory L. Wandling v. TransView Corporation C2-01-127 Denied
  • 17. Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church of Hastings v. Hope Lutheran Church of Hastings, et al. C1-01-1608 Denied
  • 18. State v. Lincoln Terrell Freeman C5-01-1059 Denied
  • 19. In Re Petition of Linda Bowman, Petitioner. State v. Bruce Alan Huderle C0-01-1745 Denied