Minnesota Supreme Court
OCTOBER 25, 2000

  • 1. Steven J. Muth, as Guardian ad Litem for W.C.M., a minor v. John Pierro, et al. - C9-00-177 Denied
  • 2. Debra K. Cich, Bruce Rieck, as Domiciliary Foreign Personal Representative of the Estate of Brian K. Rieck v. Diane L. Rieck, et al. C9-00-146 Denied
  • 3. In Re the Marriage of: Paul W. Chamberlain v. Mary Lou Chamberlain - C5-99-1934 and C9-00-115 Denied
  • 4. U.S. Bank National Association v. Angeion Corporation C7-00-386 and C3-99-2080 - Denied
  • 5. Brian Henley Gentry v. State C6-99-2087 Denied
  • 6. Joseph Anthony Favors v. State C9-00-552 Denied
  • 7. James Churcher Scott v. State C1-99-2093 Granted/Remanded
  • 8. Rice Lake Contracting Corp., City of Two Harbors v. Rust Environment & Infrastructure, Inc., et al. C5-00-130 Denied
  • 9. State v. Sharon Denice Smidstra C9-99-2004 Denied
  • 10. In the Matter of the Welfare of: D.M., E.M. and A.M. C1-00-495 Granted/Stayed
  • 11. In the Matter of the Proposed Discharge of Bradley J. Stroup v. I.S.D. No. 152 - C0-99-1839 Denied
  • 12. In the Matter of: Alexander Mark Martinelli C4-00-748 Denied
  • 13. State v. Aaron David Kates C3-98-1467 Denied
  • 14. Randall Hess, as Trustee of the Randall Hess Revocable Trust of July 21, 1994, et al. v. Donovan R. Ellwanger and Susan L. Ellwanger, d/b/a American Heritage Club, Inc. - C5-00-29 Denied
  • 15. State v. Carlyle Lloyd Eckart CX-99-2030 Denied
  • 16. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company v. Great West Casualty Company - C9-00-566 Granted
  • 17. John Scheiderich, et al. v. City of Minneapolis C8-00-185 Denied
  • 18. Jerry Mathison Construction, Inc. v. Craig Binsfield, et al. C8-00-168 Denied