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                          State of Minnesota
                            in Court of Appeals

     In Re the Marriage of: Cynthia K. Floyd, petitioner,

Lester L. Floyd,
     Filed May 14, 1996
Reversed and Remanded
Lansing, Judge

Hennepin County District Court

File No. 175715

Stephen M. Halsey, Moore, Halsey & Eskola, PACO Office Center, Suite 160,
7260 University Avenue NE, Fridley, MN 55432 (for Respondent).

John A. Warchol, Warchol, Berndt & Hajek, P.A., Suite 110, 3433 Broadway
Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413-1783 (for Appellant).

Considered and decided by Lansing, Presiding Judge, Schumacher, Judge, and
Short, Judge.
                        Unpublished Opinion

LANSING, Judge (Hon. Mary L. Davidson, District Court Trial Judge)

This appeal challenges a district court's (I) downward departure from child
support guidelines and (II) award of partial attorneys' fees. The district
court failed to make required factual findings supporting the departure,
and we reverse and remand.

A district court ordering a downward departure from child support
guidelines must make written findings specifically explaining how downward
deviation serves the benefitted children's best interests. Minn. Stat.
𨹞.551, subd. 5(i) (1994 & 1995 Supp.). The written findings must
also address: the earnings, income, and resources of the parents; the
children's financial needs and resources, their physical and emotional
condition, and their educational needs; and, the standards of living that
the children would have enjoyed if the marriage continued. Minn. Stat.
𨹞.551, subd. 5(c).

A district court referee found, and the district court affirmed, that the
parties earned widely disparate incomes and the husband could pay for all
the children's needs without assistance from the wife. The court ordered
the wife to pay approximately one-fourth of the guideline child support

The district court made no findings on how a downward departure served the
children's best interests. It made no findings on the parties' assets or on
the standard of living that the children would have enjoyed if the marriage
continued. The district court failed to make findings required by section
518.551. We reverse and remand for additional findings of fact.

An award of attorneys' fees rests almost entirely within the discretion of
the district court. Solon v. Solon, 255 N.W.2d 395, 397 (Minn.
1977). The district court may award attorneys' fees when one party
possesses the means to pay them and the other party does not. Minn. Stat.
𨹞.14, subd. 1(1994).

The referee and the district court found, and the facts in the record
support, that the husband possessed the means to pay both parties'
attorneys' fees, and the wife did not. The district court did not abuse its
discretion by awarding the wife $500 in attorneys' fees, and we award an
additional $500 for fees associated with this appeal.

Reversed and remanded.