Minnesota Court of Appeals
April - June 1997
Published Opinions

April 1, 1997

  • C1-96-1317, Robert D. Benson, Appellant, vs. Northwest Airlines, Inc., et al., Respondents.
  • C1-96-2113, In the Matter of the Proposal by Lakedale Telephone Company to Offer Three Additional CLASS Services.
  • C2-96-2203, William L. Rupp d/b/a Rupp Trucking, et al., Appellants, vs. Lorraine E. Mayasich, et al., Respondents.
  • C3-96-2050, The Hertz Corporation, Respondent, vs. State Farm Mutual Insurance Company, Appellant.
  • C7-96-2178; C9-96-2179, In Re Alexandria Accident of February 8, 1994.
  • C9-96-1596, In Re the Marriage of: Richard Aitkin Carrick, III, petitioner, Respondent, vs. Ro Ann Carrick, Appellant.
  • C9-96-1968, Jason M. Gregor, Respondent, vs. Casey D. Clark, et al., Defendants, Susan K. Eiler, Appellant.

    April 8, 1997

  • C0-96-2216, Randy L. Osborne, et al., Respondents, vs. Richard Chapman, Appellant.
  • C3-96-1450, State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Javier Barrios Guerra, Appellant.
  • C3-96-2260, Brian Scanlan, Respondent, vs. Clayton Nielsen, as Personal Representative for the Estate of Lois Nielsen, Appellant.
  • C4-96-2025, In Re the Marriage of: Daniel I. Tweeton, petitioner, Appellant, vs. Barbara A. Tweeton, Respondent.
  • C5-96-2440, In Re the Matter of: Lucila Nicole Santillan, f/k/a Lucila Nicole Martine, petitioner, Respondent, vs. John Vincent Martine, Sr., Appellant.
  • C8-96-1976, Jerome C. Lenz, Respondent, vs. Depositors Insurance Company, a foreign corporation, Appellant.
  • C9-96-1338, State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Randy Dale Folkers, Appellant.
  • C9-96-2117, David R. Posch, Relator, vs. St. Otto's Home, Respondent, Commissioner of Economic Security, Respondent.
  • CX-96-1610, Merley Polo Murphy and County of Olmsted, Respondents, vs. John Dale Myers, Appellant.

    April 15, 1997

  • C1-96-1723; C4-96-1795, Richard Berres, et al., Appellants (C1-96-1723), Respondents (C4-96-1795), vs. Ronald Anderson, Defendant (C1-96-1723) Appellant (C4-96-1795), Susan Poirot, D.V.M., et al., Respondents.
  • C1-96-2354, State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Robert William Roloff, Appellant.
  • C2-96-1584, DI MA Corp., et al., Appellants, vs. The City of St. Cloud, Respondent.
  • C3-96-2078, Don D. Myron, petitioner, Appellant, vs. The City of Plymouth, Respondent.
  • C8-96-1699, Kye Lamar Powell, petitioner, Appellant, vs. State of Minnesota, Respondent.
  • C8-96-1900, Edina Education Association, et al., Respondents, vs. Board of Education of Independent School District No. 273 (Edina), et al., Appellants.
  • C8-96-2271, Lisa K. Scheunemann, Relator, vs. Radisson South Hotel, Respondent, Commissioner of Economic Security, Respondent.
  • C9-96-1906, Dale M. Bast, Appellant, vs. Capitol Indemnity Corporation, et al., Respondents.

    April 22, 1997

  • C0-96-1373, Jerry Sutton and Susan Sutton, husband and wife, et al., Respondents, vs. Marlyn Hansen and Rhonda Hansen, husband and wife, Appellants, United Prairie Bank, Trustee, Respondent.
  • C5-96-1238, State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Melodie Nelson, Appellant.
  • C5-96-2180, Steven Coddon, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Myrna Coddon, Appellant, vs. Galen Youngkrantz, et al., defendants and third-party plaintiffs, Respondents, vs. Steven Coddon, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Myrna Coddon, counter-claim defendant and third-party defendant, Appellant, Steven Coddon, Counter-Claim Defendant and Third-Party Defendant.
  • C5-96-2454, Erin Anders, Appellant, vs. Ronald J. Trester, Respondent, D & D, Inc., Respondent, vs. Janell Jones, Defendant and Third-Party Plaintiff, vs. David Anders, Third-Party Defendant.
  • C8-96-2030, In Re: Elvira Medworth, Conservatee.
  • CX-96-2319, Norbert Scherger, et al., petitioners, Appellants, vs. Northern Natural Gas Company, Respondent.

    April 29, 1997

  • C5-96-2275, Christine Hollender Christensen, et al., Appellants, vs. Brad C. Eggen, Respondent.
  • C6-96-1958, Judith L. Meyer, et al., Appellants, vs. Best Western Seville Plaza Hotel, et al., Respondents.
  • C6-96-2186, Minnesota Community College Faculty Association, applicant, Appellant, vs. The State of Minnesota, et al., Respondents.

    May 6, 1997

  • C1-96-1818, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council No. 14, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Respondent, vs. City of Plymouth, Minnesota, Relator, State of Minnesota, Bureau of Mediation Services, Respondent.
  • C6-96-2303, North Star Universal, Inc., Respondent, vs. Graphics Unlimited, Inc., f/k/a G.U. Acquisition Corporation, Appellant.
  • C7-96-1743, In Re the Marriage of: Douglas E. Johnson, petitioner, Respondent, vs. Beverly J. Johnson, Appellant.
  • C9-96-1033, Shari Bigay, Appellant, vs. Timothy A. Garvey, M.D., Respondent, Gary Banks, M.D., Respondent, Jeffrey Dick, M.D., Defendant, Regents of the University of Minnesota, d/b/a The University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinic, Respondent.

    May 13, 1997

  • C1-96-2189; C8-96-2190, In the Matter of the Northern States Power Company Application for Certificate of Site Compatibility for the Goodhue County Independent Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility.
  • C4-96-2333, Lake Cable Partners, a Maryland general partnership, Appellant, vs. Interstate Power Company, a Delaware corporation doing business in Minnesota, Respondent, Advanced Telemarketing, a Minnesota partnership, et al., Defendants.
  • C6-96-2284; CX-96-2546; C3-97-34, Jake Stelling, Plaintiff (C6-96-2284, C3-97-34), Appellant (CX-96-2546), vs. Hanson Silo Company, Appellant (C6-96-2284) Defendant (CX-96-2546, C3-97-34), Southeastern Minnesota Silo & Equipment (formerly Carlson Equipment), Defendant (C6-96-2284, CX-96-2546), Appellant (C3-97-34), Stelling Farms, Inc., Defendant, Gilbert Stelling, Respondent.
  • C7-96-2200, Peter Wong, Respondent, Catherine Wong, Plaintiff, vs. American Family Mutual Insurance Company, a Wisconsin corp., Appellant.
  • C8-96-2335, Sentinel Management Company, et al., Respondents, Aetna Casualty and Surety Company, et al., Defendants, vs. New Hampshire Insurance Company, Appellant.
  • C9-96-2277, Mankato Free Press Co., d/b/a The Free Press, Appellant, vs. City of North Mankato, et al., Respondents.

    May 20, 1997

  • C1-96-1964, In Re the Marriage of: Richard N. Loscheider, petitioner, Appellant, vs. Mary Jo E. Loscheider, Respondent.
  • C1-96-2371, Gerald Fjerstad, et al., Appellants, vs. Heartland Racing Association, Inc., Defendant, DeBoer Enterprises, Inc., II d/b/a Sportsmans Bar, Respondent.
  • C2-96-2475, Melissa Gleason, Respondent, vs. The Metropolitan Council Transit Operations, et al., Appellants.
  • C6-96-2236, State of Minnesota, City of Loretto, Respondent, vs. Pamela Tofte, Appellant.
  • C9-96-2229, American Family Mutual Insurance Company, Respondent, vs. M.B., et al., Appellants, Le Terra International Model Management, et al., Defendants.

    May 27, 1997

  • C1-96-2421, State of Minnesota, Appellant, vs. Timothy Joel Renneke, Respondent.
  • C3-96-1982; C2-96-1987, Dale Scheffler, Respondent, vs. Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, et al., Appellants (C3-96-1982), Defendants (C2-96-1987), Father Robert Kapoun, Defendant (C3-96-1982), Appellant (C2-96-1987).
  • C4-96-2137, Carol DeGeorgeo, Relator, vs. Independent School District No. 833, South Washington County, Respondent.
  • C5-96-1076, State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Leonard E. Butcher, Appellant.
  • C5-96-2325, Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency, Respondent, vs. Bill Boyne, et al., Appellants.
  • C6-96-1832, State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Karrie Anne Smith, Appellant.
  • CX-96-2417, Line Construction Benefit Fund (Lineco), Appellant, vs. Michael W. Skeates, d/b/a The Villard Office Bar, Respondent.

    June 3, 1997

  • C1-96-2290, W. V. Nelson Construction Company, Appellant, vs. City of Lindstrom, Respondent, Greystone Construction Company, Respondent.
  • C1-97-100, North Star Mutual Insurance Company, Respondent, EMCASCO Insurance Company, Respondent, vs. Roxanne Raincloud, Defendant, Martin Raincloud, Sr., Appellant.
  • C4-96-2316, Michael A. Kalberg, Relator, vs. Park & Recreation Board of Minneapolis, Respondent, Commissioner of Economic Security, Respondent.
  • C6-96-2429, Underwood Grain Company, Respondent, vs. Ramond J. Harthun, a/k/a Ramond Harthun, et al., Respondents, vs. Farmer's State Bank of Dent, Appellant.
  • C8-96-2349, Austin Mutual Insurance Company, Appellant, vs. Brian D. Klande, Respondent, Audrey Klande, Respondent, Rhonda D. Klande, individually, and as parent and natural guardian of Rodney Edward Klande, Respondent.

    June 10, 1997

  • C1-97-226, Jean Hippe, Respondent, vs. American Family Insurance Company, Appellant.
  • C2-96-1732, Robyn Cousin, Trustee of the Estate of Jose Cousin, Respondent, vs. Hennepin County Medical Center, et al., Appellants, St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center, et al., Defendants.
  • C3-96-2176, Phillips Neighborhood Housing Trust, c/o Perennial Properties, Inc., Respondent, vs. Mary Brown, Appellant, Anthony Brown, Defendant.
  • C7-96-1838, Edward Maurice Cooper, petitioner, Appellant, vs. State of Minnesota, Respondent.
  • C7-96-2066; C5-96-2468, Forrest Johnson, Respondent, vs. Minnesota Department of Human Services, Appellant.
  • C7-96-2522, David Allison, Appellant, vs. Best Recycling & Disposal, Inc., Respondent.
  • C8-96-2173, John Norton, as Trustee to the Heirs of Richard James Trautline, Jr., Respondent, vs. County of Le Sueur, et al., Appellants.

    June 17, 1997

  • C1-96-2063, Roberta Patricia Ferlitto, Lower Court Petitioner, David T. Redburn, Appellant, vs. Anthony Vito Ferlitto, Respondent.
  • C5-97-83, Donald E. Diez, Appellant, vs. Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing, Respondent.
  • C6-96-2379, In the Matter of the Petition of: Mark and Deanna Anderson to adopt A.L.S.

    June 24, 1997

  • C0-97-508, In the Matter of: Alona Aisha Ahmen.
  • C5-97-49, Barton L. Anderson and Bonnie Anderson, Appellants, vs. Crestliner, Inc., Respondent.
  • C9-96-2070; C4-96-2123, In the Matter of the Welfare of: B. F. W. and In the Matter of the Welfare of: B. J. D.
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