Minnesota Court of Appeals Published Opinions
Minnesota Court of Appeals
October - December 2005
Published Opinions

December 27, 2005

  • A04-2342, A04-2414 , In the Matter of an Investigation into the Commission's Jurisdiction Over the City of Hutchinson's Intrastate Natural Gas Pipeline Pursuant to Minn. Stat. 216B.045.
  • A04-2050, State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Keith Edward Montgomery, Appellant.
  • A04-2327, State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Vusumuzi Keke Zulu, Appellant.

    December 20, 2005

  • A05-436, Lori Kluball, Appellant, vs. American Family Mutual Insurance Company, Respondent.

    December 13, 2005

  • A04-2338, John S. Drewitz, Appellant, vs. Motorwerks, Inc., et al., Respondents.
  • A04-1000, State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Daniel Leslie Maurstad, Appellant.

    December 6, 2005

  • A04-2221, Kelly Eve Brown, Appellant, vs. City of Bloomington, et al., Respondents.
  • A05-1019, In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of: Elliott Carroll.
  • A04-2506, Mark Allen Kramer, petitioner, Appellant, vs. Commissioner of Public Safety, Respondent.
  • A05-1021, A05-1022, A05-1023, State of Minnesota, Appellant,vs. Amy Susan McGrath, Respondent, Julius Anthony Nolen, Respondent (A05-1022), Laura Ann Nolen, Respondent (A05-1023).

    November 29, 2005

  • A04-2286 , Richard Breza, Respondent, vs. City of Minnetrista, Appellant.

    November 22, 2005

  • A04-1692 , State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Auginaldo Leon Adkins, Appellant.
  • A05-0446 , All Metro Supply, Inc., Respondent, vs. Keith Warner, Defendant, Green Gardens Nursery and Landscape, Inc., Appellant.

    November 15, 2005

  • A04-2407 , In the Matter of the Application for PERA Police and Fire Plan Line of Duty Disability Benefits of Stephen Brittain.

    November 8, 2005

  • A04-2493 , Gregory A. Kvidera, Respondent, vs. Rotation Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Appellant. < h4>November 1, 2005
  • A05-222 , Terry L. Ittel, et al., Appellants, vs. Jerome Pietig, et al., defendants and third-party plaintiffs, Respondents, vs. Bergstrom Stucco, Inc., third-party defendant, Respondent, and James Noreen d/b/a Noreen Construction, third-party defendant, and Bergstrom Stucco, Inc., fourth-party plaintiff, Respondent, and Scherer Bros. Lumber Co., third-party defendant, Respondent, vs. David Moore, d/b/a Moore Lathing and d/b/a David Moore Stucco, fourth-party defendant, Respondent.
  • A05-84, Independent School District No. 709, Duluth, Relator, vs. Linda Bonney, Complainant, Commissioner of Minnesota Department of Education, Respondent.

    October 25, 2005

  • A05-747 , State of Minnesota, Appellant, vs. Massoud Goharbawang, Respondent.

    October 18, 2005


    October 11, 2005

  • A04-2230, John Patrick Burck, et al., Appellants, vs. Benjamin Paul Pederson, et al., Respondents, Edna Pernella Peterson, Respondent.
  • A05-50, Forestview The Beautiful, Inc., Appellant, vs. All Nation Insurance Company, Respondent.
  • A05-230, Estate of Roland R. Kotowski, Decedent.
  • A05-438, In re the Estate of: Leonard Earl Jotham, Deceased.

    October 4, 2005

  • A04-2133, Riley Bros. Construction, Inc., Respondent, vs. Craig Shuck, d/b/a Beaver Masonry, Appellant.
  • A04-2191, Jean M. Jacobs, as Trustee for the next-of-kin of Robert Jacobs, deceased, Respondent, vs. Cable Constructors, Inc., a Michigan corporation, Respondent, Sirti Limited Corp., a foreign corporation, Respondent, Seren Innovations, Inc., Respondent, and Transcontinental Insurance Company, et al., intervenors, Appellants, vs. Western National Mutual Insurance Company, third party defendant,Respondent.
  • A04-2200, Larry D. Rowe, Relator, vs. Department of Employment and Economic Development, Respondent.

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