Minnesota State Law Library

2005 Annual Report

The Minnesota State Law Library (MSLL) is the oldest continuing library in the State of Minnesota and one of the State’s oldest institutions. The Library and the Territory of Minnesota were created by the same act of Congress on March 3, 1849. Section 17 of the act provided a $5000 appropriation to establish a library that would be located at the seat of government.  Minnesota's founding fathers believed the library was necessary to demonstrate a level of civilization and sophistication that would help establish the Territory as a bona fide candidate for statehood. They even debated whether the librarian should be elected or appointed. Today, 156 years later, MSLL is a public law library, still serving the citizens of the State of Minnesota. Our collections and services are focused on legal research, to serve the needs of the Judicial Branch. We also serve the Legislative and Executive Branches, county law libraries, the legal profession, inmates of various correctional institutions, and the public.

To outline the breadth of the service provided to the Judiciary and the people of the State of Minnesota, we offer this “day in the life” snapshot.

State Law Library staff photo

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