The Minnesota State Law Library:
        Website Statistics for the Year 2000

The Minnesota State Law Library homepage was hit 126,720 times during the year 2000.
In addition, 67 other pages within the website were hit 141,648 times.
The following are the top ten pages, other than the homepage, requested in 2000.

27,636 hits -- Minnesota Legal Resources
        Links to Minnesota primary and secondary sources available through the Internet, e.g., statutes, cases, and municipal ordinances.

14,495 hits -- Quick Index
        Outline of the website.

9,198 hits -- Current Supreme Court Calendar
        The calendar has been moved to the Minnesota State Court System website.

6,807 hits -- Library Information
        General information about the Minnesota State Law Library.

4,871 hits -- Other Links
        Links to libraries, bar associations, and other recommended websites.

4,437 hits -- MSLL Publications
        Publications produced by Library staff.

3,843 hits -- County Law Library Directory
        Addresses and other contact information for the 85 county law libraries in Minnesota.

3,782 hits -- Guided Tour
        Table of contents to "On the Road Again: A Guided Tour of Selected Sites on the Information Superhighway," e.g., federal law sites and recommended search engines.

3,302 hits -- Docket Series - Opinions
        Description of the various opinions and orders released by the Minnesota appellate courts.

3,143 hits -- Other State Law Libraries
        Links to other state law library websites.

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