The Minnesota State Law Library:
        Statistical Summary of
        2000 Public Services Activities

        Requests made 181
        Pages Copied 3448
        Total cost of postage $126.11
        Total cost of patron $1580.61
        Total transmissions 697
        Total number of pages sent 1940
        Total received 750
        Number of billable searches 42
        Amount of Westlaw usage 54 minutes, 13 seconds
Selected Circulation Statistics *  
        Government charge-outs 22%
        Non-government charge-outs 78%
        Number of items charged out 8060
Selected Reference Statistics *  
        Patron Category         % of Questions
            Appellate Courts 15%
            Attorney General 1%
            Legislature 2%
            Other government 4%
            Library 20%
            Attorney 23%
            Public 30%
            Student 5%
        Total number of E-mail questions 60
        Total number of Questions 14,672
Interlibrary loan  
        Requests from other libraries 214
        Requests made to other libraries 113

* These statistics for total number of items charged out and total number of questions are projections based on twelve random weeks (one week from each month) from the 2000 calendar year.

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This page was posted on May 2, 2001.