The Minnesota State Law Library:
        Law Library Service to Prisoners:
            2000 Core Collection and
            Recommended Retention Schedule
            For Prison Law Libraries

Research and Writing Retention
        1. Black's Law Dictionary, 7th edition A
        2. Legal Research (Elias) C
        3. Uniform System of Citation C
        4. Handbook of Appellate Advocacy C
        5. Guidebook to State Agency Services C
        6. Minnesota Legislative Manual C
        7. Minnesota Legal Research Guide (Soderberg) C
Primary Sources
        1. Minnesota Reporter, 1978-current Co
        2. Northwestern Reporter Advance Sheets S
        3. MN Supreme Court & Court of Appeals Syllabus of Opinions M
        4. Minnesota Rules of Court 5
        5. Minnesota Statutes (every even year) 10
        6. Minnesota Statutes Annotated (v. 11, 16, 38/39, 40, 49) C
        7. Minnesota Rules (every odd year) C
        8. Laws of Minnesota (every year) C
        9. DOC Policy Manual (Table of Contents) C
        10a. United States Code Service [Title 42 1983 (2 vols) & Title 28 2241-2254 (1 vol)]
        10b. United States Code Annotated [Title 42 1983-1984 (1 vol) & Title 28 2254 (1 vol)]
        11. Federal Civil Judicial Procedure & Rules 5
        12. Federal Criminal Code and Rules 5
Finding Tools
        1a. Minnesota Digest 2d
        1b. Dunnell's Minnesota Digest
        2a. Minnesota Practice (v. 3, 7-11, 14) AND Minnesota Civil Practice
        2b. Minnesota Practice (v. 1-3, 7-11, 14-16)
        3. Shepard's Minnesota Citations C
        4. Federal Habeas Corpus Practice & Procedure C
        5. Post-Conviction Remedies (Manville) C
        6. Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation Manual (Manville) C
        7. Judges Criminal Benchbook C
        8. Constitutional Rights of Prisoners (Palmer) C
        9. Sentencing, Corrections, and Prisoners' Rights in a Nutshell C


When space becomes a problem in the institution law library, the following guidelines determine which resources are weeded from your collection and which are retained.   Older materials can always be requested from LLSP.   NOTE: The State Law Library is interested in receiving any weeded materials.

When an institution purchases a resource on CD-ROM, retain the hardbound volumes if space is available.   However, supplemental subscriptions to the hardbound set should be cancelled (unless they are included within the price of the CD-ROM subscription.)   NOTE: At this point, we are recommending only the purchase of Minnesota Reports and Minnesota Statutes on CD-ROM.

DOC Central has always strongly stated that all facilities should have the same collection.   Accordingly, weed resources not on the core collection list first.
        EXCEPTION: If space is available, retain the legal encyclopedia (American Jurisprudence 2nd Edition or Corpus Juris Secundum) currently on your shelves.   These sets have been donated and are supplemented by LLSP.

Explanation of Retention Codes

A   =   Retain all copies available.
C   =   Retain current edition or set only.
Co   =   Retain complete series.   If institutions replace this set with CD-ROM and provide multiple access (i.e., four concurrent users), weed the hardbound set in a space crunch.   In addition, cancel your supplemental subscription to Minnesota Digest, if applicable.
M   =   Retain 3 months.
S   =   Retain only those issues supplementing the hardbound volumes (or CD-ROM).
5   =   Retain 5 years.
10   =   Retain 10 years.   This means the most current and four previous sets.   NOTE: Retention of current hardbound set is recommended even for those libraries purchasing the statutes on CD-ROM.

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