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        Opinion Archive - Statistics for the Year 2000

The Minnesota appellate opinions archive was hit 1,167,108 times during the year 2000.
8,071 cases were retrieved. The following are the ten cases most requested in 2000.

400 hits -- DLH, Inc. v. Russ
        Minnesota Supreme Court: appeal arising from a dispute over title to 1.54 million shares of common stock of Damark International, Inc. (Filed June 19, 1997)

386 hits -- Northwest Racquet Swim & Health Clubs, Inc. vs. County of Dakota
        Minnesota Supreme Court: appeal of property assessment (Filed January 23, 1997)

365 hits -- Domtar, Inc. vs. Niagara Fire Insurance Company, et al.
        Minnesota Supreme Court: scope of comprehensive general liability insurance for environmental contamination (Filed May 29, 1997)

359 hits -- Granite Valley Hotel Limited Partnership vs. Jackpot Junction Bingo and Casino
        Minnesota Court of Appeals: district court may properly decide issues of sovereign immunity and jurisdictional consent without deferring to the jurisdiction of the tribal court, if retention of jurisdiction does not interfere with matters of tribal self-government (Filed February 18, 1997)

349 hits -- In the Matter of the Application of Northern State Power Company for Approval of its 1998 Resource Plan
        Minnesota Court of Appeals: regulation of full core off-load storage requirements at nuclear generating plant (Filed January 18, 2000)

339 hits -- In the Matter of the Quantification of Environmental Costs (Filed May 19, 1998)

334 hits -- In the Matter of the Northern States Power Company Application for Certificate of Site Compatibility for the Goodhue County Independent Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility (Filed May 13, 1997)

319 hits -- Employers Mutual Casualty Company vs. A.C.C.T., Inc.
        Minnesota Supreme Court: subrogation waiver clause found in the standard American Institute of Architects' contractor agreement (Filed June 25, 1998)

316 hits -- Goeb vs. Tharaldson
        Minnesota Supreme Court: Frye-Mack standard for admissibility of scientific evidence (Filed August 17, 2000)

312 hits -- Dealers Manufacturing, Co. vs. County of Anoka
        Minnesota Supreme Court: whether a taxpayer challenging a property tax assessment is entitled to a reduction in the assessed value of contaminated property based on stigma (Filed August 10, 2000)

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