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Appellate Procedure Treatises

8th Circuit Appellate Practice Manual, 5th ed. (Minnesota State Bar Association, Continuing Legal Education, 2010) KF9054 8th .E5 2010.

Baker, Thomas E. A Primer on the Jurisdiction of the U.S. Courts of Appeals, 2nd ed. (Federal Judicial Center, 2009) online resource.

Castanias, Gregory A. Federal Appellate Practice and Procedure in a Nutshell. (Thomson/West, 2008) KF9050 .C376 2008. Student-level.

Childress, Steven Alan. Federal Standards of Review, 4th ed. (LexisNexis, 2010) KF9050 .C48 2010. Multi-volume, updated.

Houts, Marshall. Art of Advocacy. (M. Bender, 1981) Reserve Room KF9050 .H68 1981. Single-volume, updated.

Supreme Court Practice, 9th ed. (BNA, 2007) KF9057 .S8 2007. Single-volume.


Magnuson, Eric J. Appellate Rules Annotated. (West Group, 2002) Reserve Room KFM5480 .M53. (vol. 3 Minnesota Practice). Single-volume, updated.

Minnesota Court of Appeals Standards of Review (Minnesota Court of Appeals, 2010) Reference Desk KFM5955 .M52 2010.

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Minnesota State Law Library: Appellate Procedure Treatises

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