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Credit River Case Files

The documents below are PDF copies made from the files of the Clerk of Court for Scott County, Minnesota in the case of First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Jerome Daly.

1968-12-09 Judgment and Decree

1968-12-10 Notice of Appeal

1968-12-11 Appeal

1968-12-11 letter TRM to HPH

1968-12-18 letter TRM to HPH

1968-12-18 Notice of Appeal

1968-12-19 Affidavit of Surety EM

1968-12-19 Affidavit of Surety FD

1968-12-20 Affidavit of TRM

1968-12-27 letter JD to PF (first page only)

1969-01-06 Notice of Refusal to Allow Appeal

1969-01-07 Affidavit of Theo R Mellby

1969-01-07 Application for an Order

1969-01-08 Order to Show Cause

1969-01-15 Affidavit of Prejudice

1969-01-15? Motion

1969-01-16 letter HEF to LEL

1969-01-16 letter HPH to AEH

1969-01-16 Order Transferring File

1969-01-17 letter TRM to LEL

1969-01-17 letter TRM to MVM

1969-01-17 Notice of Motion

1969-01-20 letter LEL to JD

1969-01-20 letter LEL to MVM

1969-01-23 Findings of Fact Conclusions of Law and Judgment

1969-01-24 Return to Order to Show Cause

1969-01-30 Order to make Return on Appeal

1969-02-07 The Daly Eagle

1969-02-10 letter TRM to AEH

1969-02-25 Notice of Appeal

1969-03-28 letter HPH to clerk of the SCt

1969-04-15 Order Dismissing Appeal

1969-06-11 Affidavit of Theo R Mellby

1969-06-23 Application for an Order

1969-06-23 letter JCJ to district judge

1969-06-23 Order to Show Cause

1969-06-26 Affidavit of Jerome Daly

1969-06-26 Return to Order to Show Cause

1969-06-30 letter HEF to AEH

1969-06-30 letter HEF to JCJ

1969-07-01 letter TRM to AEH

1969-07-17 Affidavit for Attachment

1969-07-18 Affidavits of sureties

1969-07-18 Surety Bond

1969-07-22 Order to Sheriff of Ramsey County

1969-07-22 Order to Sheriff of Scott County

1969-07-31 letter TRM to HPH

1969-08-01 Motion to Dismiss Appeal

1969-08-04 letter HPH to AEH

1969-08-28 Counter-affidavit of Theo R Mellby

1969-08-29 Supplemental Return to Writ of Attachment

1969-08-29 letter TRM to HPH

1969-09-03 letter TRM to AEH

1969-09-03 letter TRM to HPH

1969-09-05 slip opinion In re Jerome Daly

1969-10-01 Order

1969-10-09 Affidavit of Theo R Mellby

1969-10-09 Order to Show Cause

1969-10-17 Motion for Contempt

1969-11-04 Affidavit of Theo R Mellby

1969-11-04 Order Directing Return of File

1969-11-05 letter TRM to AEH

1969-11-10 Affidavit of John Mahoney

1969-11-17 letter JFC to HPH, with copy of foreclosure papers

1969-12-01 Affidavit of Theo R Mellby

1969-12-04 letter TRM to HPH

1969-12-08 letter HPH to AEH

1969-12-12 Motion to Advance Action to Trial

1969-12-19 Order Setting Action for Trial

1969-12-24 letter AEH to HPH

1970-05-15 letter TRM to JMF

1970-05-20 letter JFD to TRM

1970-06-19 Stipulation of Dismissal

1971-12-30 letter TRM to HPH

Undated handwritten notes

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