The number of students enrolled in the Applied Learning Institute has more than quadrupled over the last four years in northeastern Minnesota!

There is not an engineering program in the nation like IRRRB championed Iron Range Engineering.

IRRRB's collaboratively funded manufacturing and construction training initiative is attracting over 500 participants from across northeastern Minnesota!

How can we help your workforce?

It is no surprise that businesses want to relocate or expand near centers of excellence or talent development.  In northeastern Minnesota, companies are provided a unique advantage to find the talent and training they need!

IRRRB is committed to creating an environment where businesses can thrive. In addition to meeting the financial needs of new or expanding businesses through loans, bonds and other forms of assistance, IRRRB helps to meet the human resource needs of businesses that need to find, hire and train new employees. Northeastern Minnesota is truly a region where companies can expand and find the talent and training they need!

To contact our Workforce Development Team:

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