EDUCATION-BASED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.  The region's labor pool is fed by three universities, a private college and eight community and technical colleges!

HIGH SCHOOL EXCELLENCE.  Northeastern Minnesota boasts the highest high school graduation rate in the nation!

CUSTOMIZED JOB TRAINING.  The community and technical colleges in northeastern Minnesota offer a variety of customized training programs to meet the unique needs of businesses in the region!


Northeastern Minnesota's workers are among the most educated and productive in the country with a legacy of a fiercely loyal work ethic. Educational facilities throughout our great region take pride in an excellent educational system that serves preschoolers through adults.

Schools here strive to provide an education that is contemporary, relevant and practical. Students of all ages develop skills based on rigourous academic standards, evolving workforce expectations and the demands of an international marketplace.

Several workforce training organizations offer services tailored to the needs of both new and expanding manufacturing and service sector employers.

Northeastern Minnesota Education Statistics

93% with High School Education or above

20% with a Bachelor's Degree

55% with Professional Certificate or License

Source: DEED & American Community Survey