Customized Job Training

IRRRB knows it takes more than grants, loans and venture capital to position companies for success.  It takes access to a highly skilled workforce.  The region is truly advantaged due to the fact the Itasca Engineering Program features the most complete two-year program in Minnesota.  educational system recognizes they play an important role in economic development.

The five colleges that make up the Northeast Higher Education District (NHED) pride themselves on developing genuine relationships with business and industry. NHED President Sue Collins continually meets with local business leaders to hear how local colleges could better meet their education and training needs. In response to their recent recommendations, NHED has launched five fresh programs including industrial systems technology, electrical process auotmation, chemical technology, industrial construction and executive office management.

Together NHED and IRRRB have and will continue to cultivate a comprehensive talent development strategy aimed at creating, retaining and sustaining an educated and well-trained workforce in northeastern Minnesota!