Made on the Range

Why northeastern Minnesota?

The people living in northeastern Minnesota have a long history of resourcefulness and personal innovation culminating in the design and creation of quality and interesting goods and services.  This web site is a convenient one-stop-shop for these products and serves as a direct portal to these companies.  You will quickly realize why many of these goods and services are sold and shipped across the country and world.

Enjoy discovering the treasures as you shop these “Made on the Range” goods.

Buy Local 

For each $1.00 that you spend on locally purchased items at independent businesses, $0.68 of it remains in the local and state economy. For each $1.00 that is not spent at locally-owned stores, only $0.43 of it has a local impact. 

When you buy local from Minnesota-based entrepreneurs and neighborhood retailers, there’s a better than ever chance you are helping Minnesota’s environment as well as the local economy.