Minnesota Minerals

Minnesota has...
     an extensive geological database.
     land for exploration.
     a century-long tradition of mining.
     trained workers and support industries.
     roads, rails, and power.


While northeastern Minnesota has, for more than a century been the nation’s largest producer of iron ore, a wealth of valuable base and precious metals reserves remain untapped amidst the region’s rich greenstone belts, sedimentary basins and intrusives.

The Duluth Complex, one of the world’s largest undeveloped mineral deposits, stretches across northeastern Minnesota and contains an estimated 4.4 billion tons of valuable copper, nickel and platinum group metal ore resources.

As worldwide demand continues to increase for products made from precious and base metals, international and domestic mineral developers are investing tens of millions in exploration, sampling and permitting operations in northeastern Minnesota.

Please accept our invitation to find out for yourself the following seven reasons to Explore Minnesota's excellent mineral potential!

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