Laurentian Vision Partnership

The IRRRB is a proud cornerstone sponsor of the Laurentian Vision Partnership (LVP).  LVP is a coalition of local, regional and state mining, business, government, education, professional and community interests representing all parts of the Mesabi Iron Range.  Promoting sustainable mining through the preservation of mineral resources and the reshaping of mining sites into productive future landscapes, the partnership serves as both a convener and a land planner.  Transforming pits and piles into lakes and landscapes

LVP facilitates discussion and decision making among all interests and assists in identifying lands for economic, recreation and resource uses that meet mining and community goals. Playing both roles allows LVP to encourage stakeholders to craft future goals for the region and clarify steps needed to transform its goals into realities on the ground.


Transforming pits and piles into living lakes and landscapes - our legacy for the future.


The Laurentian Vision Partnership is a regional coalition that promotes the development of productive post mining landscapes by cooperating in:

Preserving lands necessary to sustain current and future mining

Promoting landscape options for post mining uses

Identifying and discussing new development opportunities

Providing the tools to achieve these goals