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Recharge the Range

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The current economic landscape coupled with the drop in demand for iron ore has created high unemployment and the need to recharge economic development across Minnesota’s Iron Range. 

Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board is seeking to ensure that attention and strategies are brought forward to address the instability of the region, and have convened an economic initiative to bring the best ideas forward with the largest impact.  Facilitated conversations among the region’s business and community leaders will accomplish the alignment and prioritization necessary to deal with both the opportunities and challenges. 

One of IRRRB’s purposes is to invest in growing businesses that create jobs. Bringing business leaders and community leaders together by sectors to generate ideas and propose recommendations is the first right step in identifying where resources should be invested. These actions will support the economic success of individuals, businesses, and communities by providing opportunities for growth.

Stay tuned for details on action groups and how you can get involved! 

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