Revamped Residential Redevelopment program paves way for new development

March 29, 2013

Due to strong demand from local communities, Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB) brought back a new version of its popular Building Demolition program last summer. Residential Redevelopment WinterThrough the revamped Residential Redevelopment program, cities are able to apply for grants to help take down dilapidated residential structures within their community. Structures can include anything from an abandoned single-family home to a two-unit duplex. 

Cities and townships within the IRRRB service area can utilize Residential Redevelopment assistance in one of two methods. 

• Cities and townships can hire licensed contractors to perform the demolition and removal work on behalf of the city or township and receive cost share reimbursement from the IRRRB. 

• Larger communities that have the staff, equipment and ability to demolish and remove dilapidated residences can apply to the IRRRB to perform the demolition in-house and receive cost share reimbursement. 

Since bringing back the program, IRRRB has funded, or received applications for, 56 projects. Not only does this pave the way to a cleaner, healthier environment and new construction, it also creates jobs by making additional work for contractors in the IRRRB service area. 

“The ‘demo’ program has always been one of the agency’s most popular programs, due to the economic and visual impact to our communities and residents,” said IRRRB Commissioner Tony Sertich. “I am pleased that the revamped Residential Redevelopment program is accomplishing the demo program’s original goals in a new and efficient way.”  

Since July 2012, IRRRB has funded $183,670 in Residential Redevelopment projects, leveraging a total project amount of $382,038.