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Joy Global Iron Range Service Center employee works on a shovel bucket.

Joy Global’s Iron Range Service Center has succeeded in helping the international mining equipment supplier become more efficient and expand its capabilities for the worldwide market.

The 82,000-square-foot center is used to sell and service surface and underground mining equipment for customers in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan. Joy Global’s Iron Range employees also sell mining equipment to entities in eastern Canada, Australia, South Africa and South America.  The state-of-the-art $22 million Joy Global Iron Range Service Center opened in 2012, consolidating operations from three smaller Iron Range locations onto a 20-acre site. Located along U.S. Highway 53 on the northern edge of Virginia, the mammoth center is one of the region’s most visible success stories.

“Compared to where we came from with three different locations to one location where we are operating on one platform, it’s been a big improvement,” said John Ward, Joy Global Iron Range Service Center General Manager. “When we built this facility, we didn’t cut costs. We invested in the best air quality control equipment for the building and made it well-lit and climate controlled so that you’re not putting the quality of work at risk.”

In addition to selling and servicing new mining equipment, the Iron Range Service Center rebuilds mechanical components such as gearboxes, cylinders, dippers, booms and crawler frames. A component exchange programs offers cost savings to customers through an option to buy rebuilt equipment to Original Equipment specifications in exchange for used components. The facility employs 77.

To accommodate growth, Joy Global is expanding the center’s four-acre outdoor “lay-down” yard where equipment is stored.  Expanding the “lay-down” yard by ten acres allows additional equipment to be serviced and rebuilt in Virginia. “I would say this investment has opened up a lot of avenues for growth of our business,” said Ward of the Iron Range Service Center.

Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board provided grant assistance to the City of Virginia to help with development of the Joy Global Iron Range Service Center site.


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