Residential Redevelopment

For over 35 years, IRRRB's Residential Redevelopment program has removed blight within the agency's service area to pave the way for a cleaner, healthier environment, more attractive communities and new construction! Formerly known as "Building Demo," a total of more than 6,800 structures, primarily single-family homes and garages, have been demolished through the program.

The Residential Redevelopment Grant Program assists cities, townships and counties in demolishing dilapidated residential structures including single-unit residential homes, residential duplex homes of no more than two units, garages and accessory structures located within the IRRRB service area.

Contact: Lori Spielman, 218-735-3041,

FY16 Residential Redevelopment Grant Program Guidelines and Application (pdf)

Grant Reimbursement Form (pdf)

FY15 Residential Redevelopment Final Report Form (pdf)

Residential Redevelopment in action.