ENERGY COST LEADER - Industrial energy is 10% cheaper in northeastern Minnesota than the national average!

TRANSPORTATION ADVANTAGE - The IRRRB service area is centrally located between Duluth's famous port on Lake Superior and the international Canadian railroad border!

GATEWAY TO BOUNDARY WATERS CANOE AREA - Ely's BWCA entry is just a small sample of the countless recreational opportunities within IRRRB's service area!

People in northeastern Minnesota are fortunate to view some of the best arts talent in the world at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids.

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Much more than mining!

Northeastern Minnesota has been at the heart of America's mineral and forest productivity for more than a century, but take another look and you'll find a rapidly diversifying core of manufacturing industries, expanded tourism, and small business success stories.  The region boasts the best-trained and most productive workforce in America, with the high quality of life we've always been known for.

Our natural resources are the crown jewel of Minnesota, but there's much more we have to offer.  Please take a moment to explore the vast wealth of resources we have waiting for you and your business.