Below is a list of IRRRB Forms and Applications to assist you in partnering with us in business, community and workforce development.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at IRRRB Customer Service

Business Forms

    Business Assistance Request PDF

IRRRB Grant Applications

Please check back in a few weeks for our FY15 Grant Applications
    FY15 Application Fund (pdf) 
    FY15 Commercial Redevelopment (pdf)  
    FY15 Comprehensive Plan (pdf)
    FY15 Culture and Tourism (pdf)
    FY15 Development Partnership (pdf)  
    FY15 Film Production Incentive (pdf)
    FY15 Laurentian Vision Partnership Innovation Grant (pdf)
    FY15 Mining Impact (pdf)   
    FY15 Public Works (pdf) 
    FY15 Residential Redevelopment (pdf) 
    Taconite Economic Development Fund (pdf)