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Training Health Professionals

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Education for Minnesota’s next generation of health care providers

Education is the key to Minnesota’s future health care workforce and health reform helps Minnesota’s higher education system to train the providers we need.  To encourage students to practice in underserved communities, health reform increases availability of student loans through the National Health Service Corps, as well as residencies for medical students entering primary care.  Training for nurse practitioners and physician assistants is also increased.  Under health reform, Minnesota and the country will also receive guidance on workforce development from a new workforce commission that is assessing needs of health care workforce nationwide.  Minnesota is well-represented on this commission by Brian J. Isetts, PhD, Professor of Department of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. 

What is the National Health Service Corps (NHSC)?

The NHSC is a network of 10,000 primary health care professionals and 14,000 sites working in underserved communities across the country. There are over 200 health care professionals working in Minnesota through this program.

How has Minnesota been supporting education and training for the health care work force?

Established in 1996, Medical Education and Research Costs (MERC) provides support for certain medical education activities in Minnesota that have historically been supported in significant part by patient care revenues.  Based at the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center, Minnesota’s six regional Minnesota Area Health Education Centers support the health professional workforce needs of rural and urban underserved Minnesota communities through strong community-campus partnerships among academic institutions, health care agencies, and communities.

Helpful Resources

For more information on the National Health Service Corps, please contact the Recruitment Training and Support Center at 1 (877) 313-1823