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Minnesota Launches New Website on Health Reform

Consumer-focused website provides Minnesotans with information on how health care reform affects them, their families and their businesses

St. Paul—Today the Minnesota Health Care Reform Task Force announced a new website that will serve as a clearinghouse for information on Minnesota’s health reform efforts. The website will provide Minnesotans with information on how health reform affects them, their families, and their businesses.  It also contains basic facts about health reform in Minnesota, and opportunities to connect to activities in our state. The website was previewed last week at the first meeting of the Minnesota Health Care Reform Task Force.

The website uses the term “health reform” in a way that encompasses policies and partnerships to improve health and lower health care costs.  Minnesota has a long history of reform and, most recently, in 2008, passed a state health reform law that improves community health, patient experience and affordability of health care in Minnesota.  In 2010, federal health reform (the Affordable Care Act) became law, providing additional tools for Minnesota to cover the uninsured, build the health care workforce, prevent illness and contain health care costs.  Throughout the website, the term health reform includes both state and federal laws and policies.

The website can be found online at:

Governor Mark Dayton signed executive order 11-30 on October 31, establishing a Vision for Health Care Reform in Minnesota.  The order charges the Minnesota Health Care Reform Task Force, along with members of the governor's cabinet, to develop an action plan for reforming how we deliver and pay for health care in Minnesota.  The task force includes leaders from business, labor, foundations, the public sector and Minnesota's health care organizations.  A list of members is available here.

Contact: Jeremy Drucker, MN Department of Human Services