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News Releases

April 04, 2013
Task force members sought for Minnesota Accountable Health Model project

December 13, 2012
Health Care Reform Task Force recommends steps to better health at lower cost

September 27, 2012
State receives $42.5 million federal grant to advance development of Minnesota-made health insurance exchange

August 9, 2012
State Gets Federal Approval for Innovative Health Care Payment Reform

August 1, 2012
Health Care Reform Task Force meeting August 6 in St. Cloud

July 10, 2012
Health Care Reform Task Force meeting July 12 in Duluth

April 3, 2012
Dayton Healthcare Reform Saves Millions for Taxpayers

March 19,2012
Minnesota's Uninsured Rate Remains High

March 7, 2012
Statewide Health Improvement program submits report to Legislature

March 6, 2012
Minnesota's uninsured rate remains high

December 5, 2011
State Seeks Public Input on Minnesota Made Health Insurance Exchange

November 22, 2011
Minnesota Launches New Website on Health Reform

October 31, 2011
Governor Dayton Announces Task Force to Identify Ways to Provide Better Health Care at Lower Cost

September 23, 2011
State receives up to $10 million federal grant to help prevent diabetes

September 22, 2011
Commerce receives grant to step up rate review process

September 13, 2011
Commerce Rothman Issues Opinion on New Health Insurance Tax Credit 

September 6, 2011
Commerce Commissioner Creates Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Task Force

August 12, 2011
Minnesota Receives Grant to Help Develop Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace

August 1, 2011
DHS begins Systems Modernization Initiative

June 8, 2011
Total health care spending in Minnesota rose to $36 billion in 2009: Without Minnesota health reforms enacted in 2008, health care spending would more than double in 10 years to $78 billion, consuming about 19 percent of the economy

April 26, 2011
Get started on Minnesota's own health insurance exchange

March 1, 2011
Better care for more Minnesotans starts today

February 25, 2011
State receives $1-million Federal Grant to plan Health Insurance Exchange

February 22, 2011
Minnesota secures federal health reform grant for people with disabilities and older Minnesotans

January 20, 2011
Minnesota will apply for federal health insurance exchange grant