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Prevention and Public Health

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This work group was charged with proposing activities to measurably improve the health of Minnesotans through strategies focused on prevention at both the individual and population levels.

The work group's recommendations were included in the Roadmap to a Healthier Minnesota , which was endorsed by the Minnesota Health Care Reform Task Force on December 13, 2012. The Prevention and Public Health work group's recommendations can be found in the Roadmap Supplement.

Archive/Meeting Materials:

October 26, 2012

Agenda (PDF)
DRAFT Minutes from October 8, 2012 (PDF)
Public Comment Received on the October 9th Draft Recommendations (PDF)
Draft Recommendations - Revised October 26, 2012 (PDF)
Letter from Minnesota Department of Education - October 25, 2012 (PDF)
Draft Recommendation Amendment - Promote School Health (PDF)

American Cancer Society-Cancer Action Network's Tobacco Tax Bibliography Handout (PDF)

October 8, 2012

Agenda (PDF)
DRAFT Minutes from August 27, 2012 (PDF)
Citizen Solutions Responses to Work Group Draft Recommendations (PDF)
DRAFT Notes from Conference Call with Citizen Solutions Staff (PDF)
Revised Preliminary Recommendations (PDF)
Preliminary Work Group Timeline (PDF)

August 27, 2012 - Conference Call

Agenda-Revised (PDF)
Draft Minutes from July 16, 2012 (PDF)
Recommendation Comment Grid (PDF)
Preliminary Recommendations (PDF)
Recommendation Background Research - Draft (PDF)
Commisioner Jesson's Memo to the Task Force - May 16, 2012 (PDF)
Return on Investment Fact Sheet - ClearWay (PDF)

July 16, 2012

Agenda (PDF)
Draft Minutes from July 9, 2012 (PDF)
Revised Preliminary Recommendations (PDF)

Panel: Worksite Health Panel
Speaker Bios (PDF)
Recommendations - Courtney Carlson
Presentation - Judy Jenson
Recommendations - Judy Jensen
Recommendations - Dave Slowinske

July 9, 2012

Agenda (PDF)
Draft Minutes from June 5, 2012 (PDF)
Draft Minutes from March 16, 2012 (PDF)
Draft Recommendations to the Task Force in June (PDF)

Panel: Adverse Childhood Experiences - ACEs
Speaker Bios (PDF)
Background (PDF)
Outline Handout (PDF)
Recommendations (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)
Supporting Materials (PDF)
Introductory Presentation (PDF)
ACEs Study

Panel: Schools
Speaker Bios (PDF)
Recommendations (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)

June 5, 2012

Agenda (PDF)
Minutes FINAL from 5/14/2012 (PDF)
Minutes DRAFT from 5/14/2012 (PDF)

Discussion and Follow-up from June 4 Task Force Meeting
Preliminary Recommendations (PDF)
DRAFT Summary of Comments Received (PDF)
Notes from June 6 Task Force Discussion on Preliminary Recommendations (PDF)
Prevention and Public Health Power Point to Task Force (PDF)

Panel Bios (PDF)

Panel: Asthma
   Dave Newman:
     Policy Recommendations from Sustainable Resources Center (PDF)
     Sustainable Resources Center Fact Sheet (PDF)
   Janet Keysser: 
     Minnesota Department of Health Fact Sheet (PDF)
     Asthma Advisory Work Group Strategic Plan (PDF)
     Informative Links (PDF)

     Asthma Postcards (PDF)
     Addendum to Asthma PowerPoint (PDF)

Panel: Diabetes
Minnesota Department of Health Diabetes Prevention Presentation (PDF)
Diabetes Policy Recommendations from Rita Mays, MDH, and Sheryl Grover, YMCA 

May 14, 2012

FINAL Minutes from April 16, 2012 (PDF)
Agenda and Panel (PDF)
Public Comment Survey Overview (PDF)
Commissioner Ehlinger's Presentation (PDF) 
Panel Bios (PDF)
Presentation Materials (PDF)
Panel Presentation Supplementary Materials (PDF)
DRAFT Minutes from April 16, 2012 (PDF)

Materials by Panelist



Substance Abuse

Mental  Health
























April 16, 2012 - Planning Meeting

FINAL Meeting Notes - April 16, 2012 (PDF)
DRAFT Meeting Notes - April 16, 2012 (PDF)

March 16, 2012

Agenda (PDF) 
Minutes from February 3, 2012 FINAL (PDF)
SHIP Presentation (PDF)
SHIP Brief - Year 2 (PDF)
Health Affairs - Milstein Article (PDF)

February 3, 2012

Agenda 2012-02-03 (PDF)
The Health of Minnesota - Statewide Health Assessment - DRAFT 2012 (PDF)
The Health of Minnesota - Supplement - DRAFT (PDF)
The Health of Minnesota - PowerPoint (PDF)
Partial List of Community-Based Partnerships and Advisory Committees (PDF)
Minutes 2012-02-03 FINAL (PDF)

All Public Comment Received: November 15 - November 28

Public Comment from Organizations
    Gary Cox (PDF)  - School-linked Mental Health Grants

Public Comment from Organizations on Community Health Workers
    South Central College (PDF)

Public Comment from Individuals on Community Health Workers
    Anne Ganey (PDF)
    Sarah Kruse (PDF)
    Jennifer Andrashko (PDF) 

All Public Comment Received: October 23 - November 14

Draft Prioritized Recommendations - Dated November 1, 2012 (PDF)

Public Comment from Organizations
    National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota (NAMI) (PDF) - Multiple Topics
    Raise It For Health - October (PDF) - Tobacco Taxes
    National Assoc. of Tobacco Outlets/MN Wholesale Marketers Assoc. (PDF) - Tobacco Taxes
    Minnesota Automatic Merchandising Council (MAMC) (PDF) - Vending Machine Taxes
    Washburn Center For Children (PDF) - School-linked Mental Health Services
    Community Health Worker Alliance (PDF) - Community Health Workers
    Minnesota Psychological Association (PDF) - Multiple Topics
    Minnesota Cancer Alliance (PDF) - Food and Drink Nutrition Standards
    Minnesota Council of Health Plans (PDF) - Multiple Topics
    Minnesota Retailers Association (PDF) - Tobacco and Food Taxes
    Minnesota Service Station & Convenience Store Assoc. (PDF) - Tobacco and Food Taxes
    Raise It For Health - November (PDF) - Tobacco Tax

Public Comment from Individuals
    Mary Johnson (PDF) - Healthy Start

Public Comment from Individuals on School-linked Mental Health Services
    Margaret Gaumond (PDF)
    Margaret Sullivan (PDF)
    Linda McCollough (PDF)
    Mary Sue Hanson (PDF)
    Tom Burke (PDF)
    Amy Schmidt (PDF)
    Warren Watson (PDF)
    Julie Kieke (PDF)
    Jennifer Whetstone (PDF)
    Jessica Johnson (PDF) 

Public Comment from Individuals on Community Health Workers
    Linda Wiitala (PDF)
    Kathy Skaj (PDF)
    Carla Kohler (PDF)
    Diana DuBois (PDF)
    Sophia London (PDF)
    Angelique Brown (PDF)
    Rosehan Paudel (PDF)
    Cynthia Carow-Schiebe (PDF)
    Zahra Abdalla (PDF)
    Courtney Lawson (PDF)
    Trena Allbritton (PDF)
    Sadia Mohamed (PDF)

Public Comment Request: October 9 - October 17

Draft Prioritized Preliminary Recommendations for Public Comment (PDF)

Public Comment Received by October 23 on Draft Prioritized Recommendations (PDF) 

Public Comment Request: August 29 - September 7

Draft Preliminary Recommendations for Public Comment and Work Group Consideration (PDF)

Public Comment Received by September 7th on Draft Recommendations dated August 29, 2012 (PDF)

Additional Public Comment Received after September 7: 
    ClearWay MN - September 11, 2012
    Minnesota Chamber of Commerce - September 17, 2012

All Public Comment Received August, 2012

ClearWay Minnesota (PDF)

All Public Comment Received July, 2012

American Cancer Society - July 26, 2012

All Public Comment Received June, 2012

ClearWay Minnesota - June 29

All Public Comment Received April, 2012

All Public Comment Received from Request for Comment (PDF)

Public Comments by Organization A - D

American Academy of Pediatrics-MN chapter
American Cancer Society
American College of Nurse Midwives
American College of Nurse-Midwives - MN Affiliate
American Heart Association
Minnesota Acute Stroke System Fact Sheet
Apple Tree Dental
Dental Crisis in America: The Need To Expand Access
A Costly Dental Destination: Hospital Care Means States Pay Dearly
Oral Health Disparities and the Workforce: A Framework To Guide Innovation
The Challenge To Delivering Oral Health Services In Rural America
Beltrami County Sheriff''s Office
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN
Brooklyn Center Community Schools, ISD #286
Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise (CARE) 
Caring Hands Dental Clinic
Clay County Public Health
Clay County Public Health
ClearWay Minnesota
County Commissioner

Public Comments by Organization E - N

Early Childhood Family Education
Fairview University Medical Center - Mesabi (Hibbing)
Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Epidemiology Center
Healthy Minnesota Partnership
Hennepin County
Human Services of Faribault & Martin Cos.
LAAMPP (Leadership and Advocacy Institute to Advance Minnesota's Parity for Priority
Populations) Fellow

Local Public Health Association
Lutheran Social Services of MN
Meridian Health Plan of MI
Minnesota Board on Aging
Minnesota Council of Health Plans
Minnesota Department of Education
Minnesota Department of Education
Minnesota Department of Education - Office of Early Learning
Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota Department of Public Safety - Office of Traffic Safety
Minnesota Dietetic Association
Minnesota Oral Health Program
Minnesota Fluoridation Plan
Minnesotans for Healthy Kids Coalition
Morrison County Public Health
National Alliance on Mental Illness
National Alliance on Mental Illness - Minnesota

Public Comments by Org O-Z (including anonymous and individual comments)

Otter Tail County
Otter Tail County Public Health
Otter Tail County Public Health
PartnerSHIP 4 Health
Pillsbury United Communities
Red Wing HRA
School Nurse Organization of MN - President
Scott County Health & Human Services
Sierra Leone Community in MN
St. Paul - Ramsey County Public Health
St. Paul-Ramsey County Public Health
State Health Improvement Program
Sub-Saharan African Youth and Family Services 
Sustainable Resources Center
Tasks Unlimited
The Dental Specialists
Think Small
U of MN School of Dentistry
Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota
Volunteers of America of MN
West Central Initiative
Wilkin County Public Health
Wilkin County Public Health

Individual and anonymous responses 

The Health of Minnesota - Statewide Health Assessment

Statewide Health Assessment: Part One
Statewide Health Assessment: Part Two