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License Renewal Information 

If your Minnesota veterinary license ends in an odd-number, it is time to renew your license! The license renewal period will end on February 28, 2015 at midnight, after which a $50 late fee will go into effect. Please remember Minnesota veterinarians are required to have 40 hours of continuing education credits in the 2-year licensing period (March 1, 2013 to February 28, 2015). You may visit our CE webpage for more information, including an explanation of interactive versus non-interactive CE credits.

The Board has a new online license renewal system which will require you to first create a new user account by entering your full name, license number, social security number, and date of birth to create an individual user name and password. Please save your user name and password as you will maintain your veterinary license through this online license system in the future. Instructions for creating a new account and renewing your license are available here: ONLINE RENEWAL INSTRUCTIONS PDF


 Please contact the board at to request a paper renewal form.

Minnesota veterinary licenses are issued for a two-year period.  Even-numbered licenses renew on March 1 of even years and odd-numbered licenses renew on March 1 of odd years.


If your license is up for renewal and you have not received the notice by the end of December, contact the Board Office or simply renew online with your credit card, or print and complete the renewal form to mail with your check or money order.

If you practice in Minnesota, you must have an active license.  To renew in active status, you must certify that you will have completed 40 hours of continuing education during the previous two-year renewal period March 1 through February 28.  (Do NOT send CE documentation with your renewal application.)  The current fee for an active license is $220 for two years (includes $20 legislated Office of Enterprise Technology surcharge).

If you do not practice in Minnesota but wish to maintain your license, you may renew your license in inactive status.  CE is not required for an inactive license; however, to convert the license to active status, you will need to document that you have completed the necessary CE.  The renewal fee for an inactive license is $100 for two years.

A late fee of one-half the renewal fee will be assessed to renewals postmarked after February 28 of the renewal year.  Licenses not renewed 60 days after the renewal date will be suspended for non-payment.