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Registration of Professional Firms

Minnesota Statutes Section 319B, the Professional Firms Act, requires every professional firm that provides services of a licensed professional to be registered with the Board that regulates the profession. Therefore, any veterinary clinic or hospital that is organized as a corporation, a limited liability partnership, or a limited liability company must register with the Board of Veterinary Medicine.

All owners, officers and shareholders in a veterinary firm MUST be licensed veterinarians.

To register your firm with the Board, complete and return the Initial Registration Form. Along with the form, include a copy of the organizational document, the certificate of authority (signed by the Secretary of State), and a $100 check to the Board of Veterinary Medicine. Please click here to see examples of the filing papers needed with the Initial Registration Form.

The statute also requires that each professional firm file with the Board an annual report containing the name and address of the firm, contents of any amendments to the firm's organizational document, and names and addresses of all owners along with their positions held in the firm. This information is to be reported on a form which the Board sends to firms in November of each year and is due by January 1. If you need a copy of the report form, please click here.

Please note the Veterinary Practice Act (MN Stat. Ch. 156.11) states that any firm violating these provisions is guilty of a gross misdemeanor and may be fined up to $3,000 per day.

Registration Fees

Initial registration fee     $100

Annual registration fee    $25

Frequently Asked Questions - Professional Firms

Information about registering a practice as a professional firm, including Minnesota Statutes regarding organization as a professional firm, annual costs of registering with the Board, and requirements of a professional firm.