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Registration Cards No Longer Issued

June 20, 2012

Beginning June 1, 2012 the Minnesota Board of Nursing no longer issues paper registration cards at the time of license renewal. The reasons for discontinuing the cards are cost savings and public safety. The registration card is not proof of licensure. Verification of licensure must be obtained from the Board's website at:

Recent statutory changes have removed the requirement for the board to issue registration cards. This change will increase public safety by persuading employers to use the Board's online verification system. Wallet cards can be lost or stolen and increase the possibility of fraud. In addition, the card carries an assumption that the holder's license status is current as indicated on the card. In reality the information on the card is only as current as the day it was printed. Because registration cards are printed every two years, the information on the card could be up to two years old. The nurse's license may be suspended, revoked or have other discipline imposed upon it that the paper card does not reflect. This may put the public at risk.

A nurse is not required to have a registration card in their possession in order to practice nursing. If the license is current, as verified online, the nurse may practice. Other state boards of nursing have moved towards eliminating registration cards, and Minnesota joined this change beginning June 1, 2012.

For more information regarding the decision to discontinue issuing registration certificates please read the FAQ Registration Cards No Longer Issued.