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Learn about nursing practice.



  • RN Administration of Anesthetics
    Read the Board's Statement of Accountability for Administration of Medications Classified as Anesthetics by the Registered Nurse
  • Statement of Support for a Statewide Culture of Learning
    On October 8, 2009, the Minnesota Board of Nursing reaffirmed the Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety (MAPS) Statement of Support for a Statewide Culture of Justice, Learning and Accountability because the concept of Just Culture as articulated in the Statement remains relevant to the work of the Board and consistent with the Board's mission, vision, values, and philosophy of discipline.
    Learn about the national database on nursing practice breakdown and their root causes. 
  • Use Of Protocols
    What should a nurse consider when considering accepting a delegation of implementation of a protocol which results in a prescription.

External Resources

  • MDH - Minnesota Guidelines for Medication Administration in School
    The guidelines are intended for nurses, school personnel, health educators and professionals, parents and students. The goal of the guidelines is to increase the safe administration of medications to students in schools. The guidelines were developed by the Minnesota Departments of Education, Health, Human Services, the Board of Nursing, and a statewide multidisciplinary work group.