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Adverse Action Report FAQ

Many nurses have received a document from the Health Integrity Protection Data Bank entitled an "Adverse Action Report." This is a report confirming a disciplinary action of the Board was reported to the Data Bank. It does not mean a new action has been taken.

If you have received an Adverse Action Report, you may find the following information useful.

  • What is an Adverse Action Report?

    The Adverse Action Report is information that has been reported about a health care provider, supplier or practitioner to the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (“HIPDB”).  It includes identifying information, the action reported to the data bank, the date of the action, and the basis for the action.  The subject of the report may add a statement to the report.  The Adverse Action Report does not mean new or additional action has been taken. 

  • What is the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank?

    The Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (“HIPDB”) is a repository of information related to health care providers, suppliers and practitioners.  The data bank is managed by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), which is an agency of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services.  The HIPDB was created by Congress to “combat fraud and abuse in health insurance and health care delivery.”

  • Why am I receiving this report now?

    Since 2000, the Board has been reporting actions to the HIPDB shortly after the action is taken. There is delay between when a report is made by the Board until it is entered into the data bank and a Adverse Action Report to generated.  In early June 2003, the data bank entered actions taken since 2001.

  • Does this report mean a new action has been taken against my license?

    No.  The data bank merely retains information regarding previous actions.

  • Why did I receive more than one report?

    The HIPDB reports each disciplinary action separately.  If you received more than one report, the Board of Nursing reported more than one disciplinary action to the data bank.  These actions may have been issued in the same document from the Board.  For example, a Reprimand and Civil Penalty would generate two reports even though it was the result of only one Stipulation and Consent Order.  You will also receive more than one report if you had a series of actions, such as a suspension, followed by a conditional license, followed by an unconditional license.

  • What do I need to do if I have received an Adverse Action Report?
    1. Review the report carefully. 

    2. If you believe there are errors in the report, contact the Board to have the errors corrected. 

    3. If you wish to add a statement to the report, type your statement on the form titled “Subject Instructions for Statements and Disputes” provided with the Adverse Action Report.  The form may also be obtained on the data bank Web site (  Submit your statement directly to the data bank at the address at the top of the form.  The statement is optional. 

    4. If the report is accurate and you do not wish to submit a statement, you do not need to do anything with the report.

  • What do I do if there are errors in the report?

    Errors in the report must be corrected by the Board of Nursing which submitted the report.  To have errors reviewed and corrected, mail or fax a copy of the Adverse Action Report to the Board.  Indicate what you believe to be the error(s).  Send the copy to: Rene Cronquist, Minnesota Board of Nursing, 2829 University Ave SE #500, Minneapolis, MN  55414.  Fax: (612) 617-2190.  The Board will review the report and make any necessary corrections.  You will be informed if it is determined the report is correct as submitted or that the errors have been corrected.  The Board will not review the basis for the disciplinary action or change the disciplinary action if it was reported correctly. If the Board determines the report is correct, you may provide information to the data bank to dispute the accuracy of the report or to submit a statement which will be included with your report. To do this, access the on-line Report Response Service at

  • Will my name be removed from the data bank when I complete the requirements of my disciplinary action?

    No.  The data bank is intended to be a cumulative source of historical information, so all actions will be retained.

  • Who can see this report?

    Access to the data bank is limited to health plans and Federal and State government agencies.   Health care practitioners, providers and suppliers may self-query and researchers may have access to statistical data only.  This data is not available to the general public.  The subject of a report may selfquery the data bank by returning a ompleted and notarized self-query form.  The form is available on the data bank Web site.  There a charge for a self-query.

  • Will I be informed if a query is made about me?


  • What do the action classification and the various numbers mean?

    The data bank utilizes general categories of disciplinary actions and associates a code number with each type of action.  In some cases, the data bank action category does not exactly match the term used by the Minnesota Board of Nursing.   For example, the code 41000 Licensure – Other Miscellaneous Action (including Censure and Surrender) would be used if the Board issued an order for a limited license.  The “Censure” and “Surrender” are examples of miscellaneous actions. The “Reporter’s Description of Action” also uses code numbers.  These have been mistaken for the year of action because they are four digits but they are not associated with the year of action.

  • Are nurses the only professionals reported to the data bank?

    No. Health plans and Federal and State governmental agencies, such as health licensing boards,  are required to report:

    • Final adverse actions against a health care provider, supplier or practitioner by a Federal or State licensing agency; 

    • Criminal convictions against a health care provider, supplier or practitioner if the conviction is related to delivery of a health care item or service; 

    • Civil judgments related to the delivery of a health care item or service, except medical malpractice judgments;

    • Health care providers, suppliers or practitioners excluded from participating in Federal or State health care programs; and 

    • Other adjudicated actions or decisions related to the delivery of a health care item or service.

    See the data bank Web site at for more details regarding what must be

  • The report lists an “authorized agent.” What is this?

    The Minnesota Board of Nursing participates in the data bank of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).  The NCSBN is assisting the Minnesota Board of Nursing to fulfill its reporting obligations by relaying the appropriate reports from the NCSBN data bank to the HIPDB.  The individual identified on the report as the “authorized submitter” is a staff person with the NCSBN.  Questions about the report are best addressed to the Board or to the data bank, not the NCSBN.

  • Where can I go for more information?

    The data bank has both a Web site and a help line. 
    The Web site can be accessed at:
    The help line telephone number is 1-800-767-6732.  
    You may also contact Board staff by telephone at (612) 617-2270 or 1-888-234-2690 or by electronic mail at
    You may also find information regarding the data bank on the Web site of the NCSBN at