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RN Licensure by exam requirements

(Completing a program at a US school)

Minnesota Board of Nursing
2829 University Avenue SE, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55414 USA
612.317-3000 (email) (website)

  • Provide  evidence that you have not engaged in conduct warranting disciplinary action (If you answer yes to any questions in the Grounds for Denial section, the Board will investigate prior to licensure.)
  • Your school must submit a completed Confirmation of Program Completion from your nursing program. (U.S. educated applicants. If you have completed a Minnesota nursing program, a school official can confirm completion on-line.)
  • Register with  Pearson Vue to take the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) and pay the required fee.

    • Register on the web at .
    • Register by phone by calling NCLEX Candidate Services at 1.866.496.2539

  • Send notification to the Board office as soon as possible if any change occurs in your name, address, or other application information after you submit the application. Submit legal proof of change, in name, such as a copy of a marriage certificate or court order.
  • Watch for the test service to send your authorization to test (ATT) by e-mail. You must take the ATT with you to the test center.
  • Schedule the examination at one of the testing centers after you receive an authorization to test (ATT) from the test service. The ATT is valid for 90 days. If you do not take the examination within one year of receipt of your application, your application with the Board, will be nullified. If you do not take the examination within 90 days of receipt of your ATT, your registration with Pearson Vue will no longer be valid.
  • Watch for your license the Board will send to you approximately 10 business days after you take the examination. If you do not pass the examination, you will receive a REQUEST TO RETAKE EXAMINATION packet and a diagnostic profile which helps you understand your performance on the NCLEX examination.


  • Indicate your request for special testing accommodations for the NCLEX by completing Section D on the Application for Licensure.
  • Submit supporting documentation regarding your request for testing accommodations due to a disability. At a minimum the documentation must include:
    • a letter from an appropriate professional confirming the disability and providing information as to what accommodations are appropriate; and
    • a letter from your nursing education program indicating what modifications, if any, were granted by the program.
  • List the specific accommodations you are requesting. Examples of modifications include:
  • separate room
  • recorder
  • reader
  • signer
  • extra time (state specific amount of extra time you are requesting.)
  • Call NCLEX Candidate Services at the telephone number listed in the ATT letter when you are approved for testing with special accommodations and have received your ATT.


  • Access the Board of Nursing website at
  • Click on "Online Services"
  • Establish a user profile by clicking on the new user link and follow the directions.
  • Next, log in using your name and password.
  • A screen will appear that lists your personal information with a box indicating your application status as "open licensure by exam."
  • Click on "open licensure by exam." Another screen will appear. As you complete each step of the process, the date for each of the following will display:
    • Application received
    • Registered with test service
    • Confirmation of program completion
    • Authorization to test issued
    • Date scheduled to take exam
    • Examination results
    • License issued
  • Watch for the test service to send your authorization to test (ATT) by e-mail. You must take the ATT with you to the test center.


Check your examination results:

  • On the Board of Nursing website. There is no fee for viewing the results on the web. The Board does not provide results over the phone.
  • On the Pearson Vue website at . There is a fee for the results on line service.
  • By phone. Pearson Vue provides the phone number with your authorization to test (ATT). There is a fee for the results by phone service.

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