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Residential Care/Assisted Living Exam

  • Minnesota’s model for Assisted Living is so different than most other states in the nation, why would I want to take a test that isn't based on Minnesota requirements.
    Minnesota is unique with the Housing With Services/Home Health Care model. This exam is allowing individuals from our state the opportunity to test their education and experience in five areas of general administration. Those five general knowledge areas are Resident Care Management, Personnel Management, Organizational Management, Physical Environment Management, and Business and Financial Management.
  • How do I apply to take the Exam?
    Applications are online at link on top left of this page. Currently, Minnesota does not require any minimum standards for an assisted living administrator, therefore, all Minnesota candidates requesting to write the exam will be authorized.
  • Where and when is the exam given?
    NAB contracts with Professional Exam Services to create, review, and maintain the exam. PES, located in New York City , is a nationally recognized testing exam service for most health professionals. PES contracts with Prometric-Sylvan Learning Centers to provide each state a local facility to administer the computer-based exam. Candidates will receive permission from NAB to contact a Sylvan Learning Center of their choice and schedule the exam date.
  • Is there a fee?
    Yes. The $260.00 fee is paid online directly to PES. The Minnesota Board does not have a fee, but candidates receive a reduction in the fee because of BENHA’s participation.
  • What qualifications are needed?
    Minnesota does not require this exam and therefore there are no minimum qualifications required to complete the exam.
  • Do you have any information if this license will be mandatory in Minnesota ?
    A successful score will not result in a license in Minnesota .  The exam will result in a passing/not passing score of a nationally recognized exam. The Board of Examiners does not create nor advocate for new statutory authority for licensure of any profession. Any form of registration or licensing of Assisted Living Administrators would most likely occur through advocacy by industry associations and consumer groups. BENHA would only be involved in formal licensure, certification or registration if statutorily appointed by the Legislature.
  • If this does become a mandatory license, will this voluntary exam count towards the mandatory license?
    The successful completion of the NAB-Nursing Home Administration Exam is recognized by all 51 state jurisdictions. Initially in 1972 when NHA licenses were required, there were two competing examination services and some states chose one exam or the other for various reasons. At this time, Minnesota would choose this national exam and, if a candidate successfully passed this exam, we would most likely accept the score if ever required.
  • Will CE’s be needed to keep up the license?
    There will not be a license, so no annual requirement exists to maintain a license.