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OPTION B: Applicant with experience/course waivers, with examinations

Experience/course waivers/course completion with examinations

This option is typically for an individual with a bachelor’s degree in an ancillary field who requires only a portion of the Minnesota required courses or a reduction in practicum hours. Courses not currently approved must be reviewed and approved by the board through the Course Review process as found in Option B.

1. Submit official transcript showing at minimum a Bachelors’ Degree.
2. Submit evidence/requests for eight academic courses completed using the forms in Option B.
3. Submit evidence of required practicum using forms found in Option B.
4. Upon receipt of the application, information to sit for the state and national examinations will be provided to you.


General Definition:

Applicants seek board review and approval of previous academic courses completing the Academic Course Review Requests or Course Waiver Requests process. This option allows candidates to provide clear evidence that they have completed academic courses that substantially meet the Minnesota course requirements obtained through non-Minnesota approved programs. Candidates do not need to complete the exact course but must provide clear evidence that the similar course covers the essential subject material as found in Minnesota Rules 6400.6400 for each course submitted for review. Typically, candidates will identify and submit previously completed courses they believe meet the listed academic requirement, receive an opinion from the board, and then seek to combine new courses to meet the eight course requirements identified as Minnesota core knowledge subjects. Education obtained over seven years prior to the submission of the application must be supplemented with experience that demonstrates continued competency in those areas.

Complete the following steps:

1. Complete an application and individual Course Waiver Review Request form and submit the individual form(s) for each course for which you are seeking waiver status with the application or mail separately.

2. Order a transcript sent directly to the board from each college used to support all courses completed to meet the three areas of a 1) minimum BA/BS, 2) each academic course identified on an official transcript and 3) practicum completed for academic credit.
Other General Information required of all applicants:
 Resume showing employment history for the past 10 years plus all employment at a nursing facility.
 Completion of the Minnesota state examination: exam information will be sent to the candidate upon staff review of application.