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Fee List

All Board of Medical Practice expenses are supported by fees charged to applicants and licensees.  Fees charged by the Board for services are based on the costs of providing the services and maintaining the required Board activities.  The Board is required to collect sufficient fees every two years to closely approximate anticipated expenditures during a fiscal biennium.  The budget is approved by the Board and appropriated by the legislature every two years.  All fees paid to the Board are non-refundable.


Applicants for an initial license

The fees include initial application fee, annual fee, and e-licensing surcharge*.  Does not include the temporary permit fee.  There is no surcharge fee* for a temporary permit.


Profession                                 Initial Application                                              

Acupuncture                             $330                                        
Athletic Trainer                          $165                                        
Naturopathic Doctor                   $385                                        
Physician                                 $431.20                        
Physician Assistant
            With prescribing            $280.50                                    
            Without prescribing       $258.50                        
Respiratory Therapist                $209                                        
Telemedicine                            $192.50                        
Traditional Midwife                     $220


Licensees renewing license

Includes annual fee and e-licensing surcharge*.  Does not include any late fee.


Profession                                 Annual Renewal

Acupuncture                              $165   

Athletic Trainer                           $110

Naturopathic Doctor                    $165 

Physician                                  $211.20 

Physician Assistant

   With prescribing              $148.50

   Without prescribing          $126.50

           Respiratory Therapist           $99

          Telemedicine                      $82.50

          Traditional Midwife               $110

*In 2009, the legislature enacted MN Statute 16E.22 which requires state agencies to collect a temporary 10% surcharge of no less than $5.00 and no more than $150.00 for the initial license application and license renewal fees for business, commercial, professional, and occupational licenses.  These fees must be collected whether the application is made by paper or online and must be collected from July, 2009 through June, 2015 for the Minnesota Office of Enterprise Technology to fund a statewide electronic licensing system.