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Annual Renewal

LAMFT and LMFT license holders must renew their license annually by the expiration date listed on their licensure card.  LAMFTs will have a renewal date of January 31 or June 30; LMFTs must renew annually by December 31.

Display of License

All licensees must display their license in a conspicuous place visible to clients and the public. Duplicate licensure cards and wall certificates are available for a fee from the Board.

Continuing Education

LMFTs must satisfy continuing education requirements for license renewal.  CE hours are reported in odd-numbered years and all CEs used to satisfy the 30-hour reporting requirement must have a Board-issued approval number.  LAMFTs are not subject to CE requirements as a condition of license renewal, but are encouraged to remain current on training relating to MFT practice.

Name and Address Updates

All licensees are required to maintain current name, address and contact information with the Board using the Online Address Change tool.  


All LAMFTs must practice under the supervision of a Board-approved LMFT supervisor until independently licensed.  LMFTs seeking approved supervisor status must complete an approved MFT supervision training program and submit application for Board-approved supervisor status to the Board.