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Schedule of Required Courses

NOTE: You need not acquire any continuing education during the calendar year in which you were initially licensed. 

Use the following table to determine your continuing education requirements for re-licensure. 


T   =    Total hours required
X   =    Xray or imaging (technical or diagnostic)   
PB = Professional boundaries  
ACUPU = Acupuncture (only required for those registered to provide acupuncture services 
ANCHI = Animal Chiropractic (These hours are in addition to 20 total hours required) 
Schedule of Retired Courses

*Acupuncture/meridian therapy hours required only for those registered to perform acupuncture services. These are part of, and NOT in addition to the 20 hour requirement. 
**For those persons registered to perform Animal Chiropractic, you must acquire 6 hours in veterinary or veterinary chiropractic related subjects IN ADDITION to the normal 20 hours per calendar year. 

Please note that hours/requirements may be changed based on Rules promulgation by the Board. The requirements above are effective as of the date of this posting.