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Prepay Plan

  • Can Doctors enter into prepay plans with patients, where they accept money in advance for a "program" of chiropractic care?
    Yes.  But there are certain requirements explained below. 

  • What's Required for a "pre-pay" plan?
    • In any case in which a doctor is going to accept $1000 or more for any one patient, they must have a written plan which has been agreed to, and signed by the patient. 
    • The doctor must list all of the goods/services covered by the plan as well as the fees for these services 
    • Notification that the patient may request and recieve an accounting of their plan at any given time. 
    • An explanation of the reimbursement policies in the event of early termination by either party 
    • An Explanation of policies that may modify the plan (eg new injury, etc.) 
    • Notification to the patient when the funds in their plan have reached zero dollars 
    • A 3 day right of recission of the plan 

  • Are there limitations on the number of visits for such a plan?
    Yes. Each plan may only be established for up to 50 visits. However, the plans may be renewed as many times as the patient and doctor agree to this. Renewal may only occur when each plan has come to an end. 

  • Do I need a separate account for this money?
    Yes. The rules require that for any doctor maintaining one or more plans, the doctor must create and maintain at least a single escrow account. All money for all plans must be placed in this account, and only disbursed as services are actually provided, and funds are actually earned. In other words, the doctor may not spend any more then they have actually earned by the provision of clinical services or supplies. 
  • Can I bill insurance companies in advance for such plans?
    No. Again, you may not bill for services which have not yet been provided. Moreover, you may only bill amounts actually charged to your patient.
  • Are these Rules available for my review?
    Yes. This is not an exhaustive explanation. For a copy of the prepay rules, please click on the link. If you wish to have the most current copy of the Board's practice act, then please click on this related link, and select the links of interest to you. 

Mobile MRI'S

    Recently, the Board has been asked multiple questions regarding the permissibility of performance of Mobile MRI’s for patients of doctors of chiropractic. The difficulty in answering such questions lies not in the general notion of whether mobile MRI’s are authorized, but in the very many permutations under which this may occur. It is not necessarily the performance of an MRI from a mobile location which may be impermissible, but any of a number of other variables which may render such activity as improper. Therefore, the Board takes no general position on the permissibility of the performance of mobile MRI’s. Rather, when considering a complaint, the Board would consider all such issues on the merits of the individual situation. 

    Those doctors who may be using mobile MRI’s may ask themselves the following questions as a guide to whether they may be treading into dangerous territory:

         Might your use of the mobile MRI facility in any way influence whether or not you order such procedures for your patients? In other words, are you ordering more procedures than you would ordinarily, just because the facility is mobile? 

         Does the mobile facility require that you have a certain number of patients before they will come to your location? 

         Does the facility pay you, or in any manner provide you with a financial or other benefit by coming to your location?
    >>    Are they giving you a certain dollar amount for each patient eAre they paying you “rent” for the parking lot space?
            ***     If they are, do you even have authority to rent parking lot space? In other words, to you own the building/parking lot?
    >>    Are they paying you “rent” for any other office space or staff services? 
            ***    If so, on what basis did you make the calculations to determine the fair market value of this rental? 

        What is the demonstrable benefit of using the mobile MRI over using another community location? 

        Is there a local facility available which would perform MRI’s for you? 

    This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of questions you should be pursuing. These are simply the more common issues seen by the Board. You are strongly advised to seek legal consultation in any situation in which you may be considering such an option.

Access to Health Records

Reciprocity (License Transfer)

  • What is the Board's status with regard to Reciprocity?
    Reciprocity" is a somewhat "outdated" term, and in its original application, rather narrow. The current terminology used by the Board is "License Transfer. " The Board is now able to accept applications for licensure, by persons licensed in another state, who have not taken the NBCE Part IV, but who have otherwise taken a licensing exam in another state. In summary, If you are licensed in good standing in your state (for a period of 5 or more years), and the examination of that state meets the requirements of the Minnesota Board, you may be eligible to pursue license transfer to Minnesota.  There may be conditions to be met if the applicant is the subject of previous discipline, current complaints, or examinations not meeting the requirements of the Minnesota Board. While this is just a summary, the full text of the requirements may be reviewed through the link.

  • What must I do to "transfer" my license?
    Simply contact the Board (651-201-2850) and request an application for license transfer. Be specific in your request, as a specific transfer application is required. You will then need to provide necessary and specific information to the Board, including the application, initial fee, preprofessional transcripts, letters of good standing from your current Board(s), and information regarding your previous examinations. (More detailed information regarding the requirements will be listed in the application materials.) 

  • What happens then?
    Your application will be reviewed by a Board Committee.  Assuming there are no special considerations (that is evaluation of previous discipline, or something of that nature,) your application will be processed as any other new license application. If there are previous issues related to investigations or discipline, that information will have to be supplied to the Board committee for the review. If they recommend approval, then the application will continue processing. Part of this processing includes the taking of a jurisprudence examination (an examination on Minnesota's laws regarding chiropractic practice.) The applicable laws, and the jurisprudence exam will be automatically sent to you, when the committee approves processing. You must complete the examination (and attached affidavit) and return them to the Board.  

  • What if I do have previous discipline or licensure problems. Will I be automatically denied?
     No, but you will be required to provide complete disclosure of the problem to the Board's committee for review. If the committee recommends normal processing, than that is what will occur. If the committee recommends denial, then the full Board will  be required to take action. It should be noted that even if the Board denies approval by transfer, the candidate may still have the ability to become licensed through the normal application and examination channels.  


  • How long does this "license transfer" take.
    There are too many variables (most in the hands of the applicant) to give a precise timeline. However, once all materials are available to the Board, they are reviewed by the next regularly scheduled committee meeting (usually within the month.) An application  which has  all materials, including the committee review (with recommendation for continued processing), completed by three business days prior to the end of the month, will be licensed on the 1st day of the following month. 

Continuing Education Formats

Online Renewals

  • I can’t log onto the system.
    A new system has been implemented. If you have NEVER been registered with the Board at any time, you must first enter the site at and click on License Renewal/Address changes. At the next window, click on "Register to Access Site"and register a new user name and password. Once you complete that process the window will return and you can enter your user name and password. If you are still unable to enter the system, contact the Board at (651) 201-2850. 

  • As a licensee I object to the inferences made by the wording of some questions.
    In the interest of protecting the public, questions have been written to cover a broad range of situations. It is not the intention of the Board to “accuse” anyone of having any type of problem. 

  • Do I have to have my renewal form notarized?
    In the online system, notarization is unnecessary. If you are renewing by paper, paper forms and/or statements need only be notarized if a question was answered “Yes”, at which point an explanation is also required.

  • If I completed my form online how do I print my receipt?
    At the end of the online system, there will be an opportunity to click on an icon that says "CONFIRMATION." Click on this icon and the system will prepare your renewal for printing. 
  • I paid online but failed to get or print a receipt. How can I be sure the payment went through?
    This is a benefit of the new online renewal exists in "real time." Typically, payment information and license updates are completed within a few minutes. Therefore, you can look  yourself up in the system to see if there is a new "Expiration date" (in other words it should be set to December 31 of the NEXT calendar year. If this is the case, everything has been received and your renewal is complete. At times (because of technology) you may have to wait for a little while for this to be completed. If you do not see this update by the next day, then call the Board office at 651-201-2850. You may also call your credit card company to see if your card was charged. Ask them to fax you a copy of their receipt and all associated confirmation numbers. You may send this form to the Board and staff will research it. However, there may be difficulties and delays tracing the transaction as the MBCE does not retain any credit card information. 
  • I started completing the renewal form and something happened to my computer. Now I cannot get back into the system to finish it.
    You must contact the Board at (651) 201-2850 and ask to have your form reset. This can take as little as an hour or as long as 24 hours for technical staff to deal with this issue. IF THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF REGISTRATION YOU SHOULD TAKE YOUR PAYMENT TO THE POST OFFICE AND HAVE IT POSTMARKED BEFORE MIDNIGHT TO AVOID PENALTY FEES.  
  • I don’t want to renew online. How do I get a paper form?
    Call the Board office at 651-201-2850. 

    All License renewal forms, Animal Chiropractic Registration renewal forms, Professional Firm renewal forms,  and related fees must be received or US postmarked no later than December 31 to be considered timely. 

    All Acupuncture registration forms and fees must be received or US postmarked no later than September 15 to be considered timely. 

    All Independent Examiner forms and fees must be received no later than February 28 of each year to be considered timely. 

    Under no circumstances will requesting a form extend the renewal deadline date or prevent late fees from accruing. Therefore if you elect this option you must do so in time to complete your renewal on time. 

  • I requested a paper form, how soon will it arrive?
    All forms requested by 4 p.m. will be processed for mailing by the end of the next business day. However, due to the state budget constraints in other departments, there may be a one-day delay in affixing postage to our outgoing mail. Licensees must plan accordingly and allow sufficient time for delivery back to the MBCE before the September 15 deadline. Under no circumstances will requesting a form extend the renewal deadline date or prevent late fees from accruing. Therefore if you elect this option you must do so in time to complete your renewal on time. 

  • Who else can do acupuncture and what board registers these people?
    The Board of Medical Practice licenses acupuncturists under Minnesota Statute Section 147B. Information on that process is available at or by calling 612-617-2130. 

  • What limits are placed on my acupuncture license if I register with the Board of Chiropractic Examiners?
    Chiropractic acupuncturists are limited by the Chiropractic Scope of Practice, Minnesota Statute Section 148.01, subd. 3, and is administered according to Minnesota Rules 2500.3000. Copies of the above statute and rule are available from Click on the Laws and Rules tab, then on the specific portion of the act you are interested in. (Downloadable). Be advised that the Statutes AND Rules must be downloaded for a complete review.  

  • When will certificates be mailed?
    With the new license renewal system, certificates are generally mailed 1-2 days after receipt of fees and completion of all requirements for renewal. Modifications are anticipated to this process soon.  Your receipt for completion of your online renewal will suffice for temporary registration until your card arrives. 
  • What if the Board fails to receive a form or a fee (or both) before the due date?
    The license/registration expires on the due date and the licensee may be subject to practicing without a license/registration and late fee penalties. For failure to submit the license renewal fee prior to December 31, there will be a $150 penalty fee for each month (or portion thereof) during which the fee is late. 

    In the case of an acupuncture renewal a new applicant registration fee ($100) and renewed proof of training hours may be required.
  • My license was terminated last year, now I want to reactivate it, what is the process?
    Contact the Board for a statement regarding what is required. Generally it will be the cost of each intervening year’s renewal fee ($200 each) and proof of continuing education hours.* If it has been more than 5 years since you were last actively registered in Minnesota prior to termination, you may need to retest or meet additional requirements. 

  • What if I have not completed my CE requirements by December 31?

    There is a way to avoid penalty fees and disciplinary action if you follow these instructions carefully. 

    First, you MUST get the licensing fee to the Board prior to (or postmarked prior to) December 31. In this way, you avoid late penalty fees. However, you are STILL NOT AUTHORIZED TO PRACTICE YET.You must complete the form with the affirmation that you have completed your CE requirements. If this is NOT the case, then do NOT fill this form out yet. Take whatever measures are necessary to complete your CE, then you can fill the form out accurately and submit it to the Board, and return to practice once your renewal is verified. (You can verify your renewal by going online to the Boards website and verifying your credentials. BE ADVISED THAT IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED YOUR CE, BUT COMPLETE THE APPLICATION STATING THAT YOU HAVE DONE SO, YOU MAY BE SUBJECT TO SEVERE PENALTIES!